Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Waterfall Edge tiles in Sukabumi

Curug Cikaso di Ujung Genteng

In the previous post we tried to show the beauty of the beaches in the area sukabumi tile end, for posting this time we will mememanjakan pengungjung eyes with the beauty of the waterfall at the end of sukabumi tile.

Not only offers a charming beach tourism, tourist destinations Edge Tile also offers you the charm of an unspoiled waterfalls. Some popular waterfall in Edge tiles, among them:

1. Niagara Cikaso

Niagara Cikaso located some distance from the location of beaches Edge Tile, precisely located in the District Surade. Arriving at the location, you'll be treated to views of three waterfalls are lined with a height of each 7 meters, 7.5 meters and 6 meters.
Curug Cikaso di Ujung Genteng

Not only looking at the waterfall, you can swim and play in the crystal clear water pond below the waterfall. The water is quite deep, even when the dry season has a depth of up to 3 meters.  But not to worry, available borrowing tire for those who want to play in a pool of water with a rental rate of Rp 5 thousand per tire.

2. Niagara Luhur

Waterfall This one is somewhat less popular than Cikaso waterfall. This is due to the dry season, the waterfall also dry and not drain the water.  Although practically only presents a view of the river during the dry season, but if you go down, you will find spectacular views.
Curug Luhur di Ujung Genteng

Unfortunately if you miss this spot when you're doing your tour Edge tiles.

Journey to the Edge tiles.

For group buses or personal vehicles, routes to tourist locations Edge tiles starting from Sukabumi, then continue to follow the signs towards Cibadak. Arriving at the intersection, there will be a bridge Yellow. Follow the road until you find Highway Edge tiles. Road conditions classified as semi off-road, for which you should prepare conditions are prime vehicles to run smoothly to the location.
If you travel by public transport, there are two routes that can be used as a reference. If you are from Jakarta, stop at Terminal Degung, Sukabumi. Then ride public transportation department Bhayangkara, then stop at the department store "Yogya". Meanwhile, if you are from arahBandung, you better stop in front of the pharmacy "Kimia Farma", then walk about 200 m to the department store "Yogya".
Of the department store, you can go to the market Ciwangi by foot or rickshaw ride, then ride public transportation department Lembursitu Terminal. From the terminal, you can then choose public transport to go to the District Surade.