Monday, 25 January 2016

Indonesia travel most visited by the World Tourist

pantai kuta tempat wisata di Bali
Indonesia as a tropical country consisting of land, sea, to the mountains has a variety of tourist attractions are very charming. If we count from Sabang to Merauke, there are thousands of sites that have the uniqueness and beauty of its own. Starting from the beaches, Indonesia pick the best beaches in the category of the world's best beaches.
Mountain tourism, Indonesia has exotic mountains captivate millions of tourists both local and foreign. Up to cultural tourism, Indonesia the number of parts to hundreds of thousands of cultural tourism which would have a very unique and diverse. There are thousands of cultural tourism in Indonesia, ranging known only at the local level, to the famous all over the world.
pantai kuta tempat wisata di Bali
Of the many tourist attractions in Indonesia, there are some of the most famous tourist spots, even fame has spread throughout the world. To discuss tourist spot in Indonesia's most famous takes time and duration of a very long, because if we write it all, then the number could reach hundreds. But at least, there are some areas that did have the advantage of the tourist attractions compared to other regions. Below are the two areas that have always been the main destination for both local and foreign tourists.
Places in Bali
pantai kuta tempat wisata di Bali
Who does not know Bali? charms already made millions of tourists from around the world flocked to enjoy the beauty of the island that has the nickname of this paradise island. Bali charm has spread all over the world, words related to bali searched on search engines, listed on the American country are people who are looking for information about bali reach one million per month.
Bali government noted in 2013 there were 3,273,598 foreign tourists visiting Bali. Indeed a number of very fantastic. That's just foreign tourists, not to mention the local tourists from various parts of the archipelago that number would have been much more. Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches as well as cultural tourism which is very interesting. The beaches in Bali really very charming. Call it the Kuta beach, Lovina beach, beach pandawa, to Tanjung Benoa.
Places of Interest in Lombok
pantai kuta lombok Indonesia

The beauty of Lombok can persuade anyone to visit. The island is not too far from Bali has become one of the major tourist destinations of the country. Hypnotizing charm chili not only native, but also to hypnotize millions of tourists who traveled thousands of miles just to visit. Recorded beach in Lombok included in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by Lonely Planet.
Many tourist attractions in Lombok is already global, call trawangan dyke and the water dyke and dyke meno, three small islands like pieces of land of paradise. clean white sand, clear blue sea, and a cool breeze breezy clean nan into 3 main charm dyke. In addition to 3 dyke there are also beaches Senggigi, Lombok Kuta beach, dyke Nanggu, even to the mountain tours, on Mount Rinjani.