Thursday, 28 January 2016

The beauty of Long Beach in Bengkulu

Bengkulu has the beauty of marine tourism that can not be missed. 7km of white sand and clear sea water mainstay Long Beach. The beach is ready to become your new holiday destination.

Located 1.5 km from the west of Bengkulu, this beach has been well known as the most sought after attractions in Bengkulu. How not, white sand, gently sloping beaches and the water was crystal clear. Moreover, this beach has a line length is not playing games, 7 km.

Conditions sloping beaches, clean water, as well as the vast expanse of white sand, is the main attraction of Long Beach attractions. With conditions like the beach, visitors can bathe as much as he enjoyed the beach breeze is still clean and cool because the beach is far from the industrial area.

In addition, the many pine trees that grow around the coast is also unique characteristics that may not be owned by other beaches. Because, in general, a tree that usually grows in coastal areas is a palm tree, and is not found in Long Beach.

It lies only about 3 km from the center of the city of Bengkulu make Long Beach easily accessible. Many public transport to get to this beach. From the city of Bengkulu, visitors can use a minibus, taxi or rental car to reach the beach location.
F. Accommodations and Other Facilities
In the vicinity of the beach, visitors can find accommodation facilities and complete facilities, among which are a large parking area, hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, cottages, mini, stalls selling vouchers mobile phones, kiosks souvenirs, etc.

Activities in long beach bengkulu
Bengkulu vacation in Long Beach is not just to enjoy the sunset, sunbathe or swim on its beaches. There are some other activities you can do and also performed by the locals. Some of these activities are:

  • A leisurely stroll on the white sand on this beach would be very comfortable for your feet. Its fine sand makes your feet are not dirty and will feel soft when dipijak.
  • Play sand, swimming and fishing can be done in this beach because the waves are not too big.
  • Camping on the beach under the pine trees. These trees provide coolness of its own so many tourists who like to set up a tent underneath.
  • Exercise. Supplied in jogging track along the coast so you can jog to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery. For you fans of volleyball, you can play beach volleyball on the pitch built on sand smooth natural white nan. Besides surfing can also be the sport of choice to conquer the waves at this beach.
  • Around the coast using a bicycle rental service at the rate of 10 thousand per hour. You also can use auto rickshaws to get around the beach in the evening while enjoying the beauty of the colorful lights on the beach. Even the elephants are also available for touring wagon and enjoy the waves at the beach on weekends.