Saturday, 16 January 2016

Indonesian Maluku Islands Tourism

pulau banda

Every now and then there is no harm in it to give thanks because we were born and raised in Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world that holds a thousand and one kind of heaven in the islands hidden. The natural beauty and culture throughout Indonesia seems like there are not endless, and some new tourist spot can always be easily found when travelers begin to feel bored with a tourist spot that has been too busy and crowded by seekers of entertainment.
Pegipegi would invite you travel to Eastern Indonesia are still relatively quiet attention of tourists and the mass media. Although rare in the papers does not mean that no special Maluku Islands, travelers. Here a list of five sites that cool in Maluku Islands shall ye visited.
1. Banda Island, Maluku
pulau banda

Here it is the ideal tourist spot for lovers of diving and snorkeling. Banda Sea Park, located between the island of Neira, Volcano Island, Pulau Ai, Sjahrir and Hatta Island Island is included in the Central Maluku district. You can reach this location with a ferry ride for one night from the capital city of Maluku, Ambon, and although the trip takes a long time you will not regret it if had seen with their own eyes the beauty of the marine park beneath the Banda Sea water surface. Here you can find about 350 species of marine life, including several species of ancient coral reef whose existence is endangered.
If you can not dive can still enjoy the beauty of the park and see the whales and dolphins from the boat, travelers. O yes, you can also try fishing tuna and skipjack, of course, with the help of local fishermen. There are few facilities for tourists are available at the Bandas, the guest house, restaurant with traditional menu and a souvenir shop. In addition to diving, hiking in the traditional village, forest nutmeg and ruins the Dutch in the city Bandaneira is an exciting activity. Do not forget to close the berpetualangmu here to watch the sunset on the south coast of Banda Besar that will make you amazed.
2. Bacan Island, South Halmahera
pulau bacan
Bacan Island is one among the cluster of Maluku Islands located in the southwest of the island of Halmahera and included in the district of South Halmahera, North Maluku. Bacan Island has several interesting tourist spots such as Fort Barnevald which is a relic of the past history of the Portuguese occupation. Unfortunately, the castle was in a state of less well maintained, but do not worry you can still enjoy the amazing view by standing on the top of the castle. Here you can watch crystal clear sea water until you can see the coral reef following various kinds of fish swimming in it, and there are also wooden houses built on water and inhabited Bajo.
In addition there Pawete Beach, Mosque and Sultan Palace Bacan Bacan island and nature reserve who can not be discharged enjoyed in a single day. There are several hotels and guest houses that you can rent while strolling in Bacan Island. Do not forget to bring home typical gemstone Bacan Island that is now being hip and the fruit of lips thanks to its uniqueness, which produces colors that match the body heat of the person wearing it.
3. Ambon City
kota ambon
The town is also called Amboina or Ambon Manise Ambon city, which means beautiful or pretty. The term does not seem excessive because despite never fall due to violent unrest in 1999, the city of Ambon managed to captivate anyone who visits thanks to the natural beauty and hospitality of the people. Being on the edge of the beach makes Ambon rich coastal tourism each has distinctive features. For example Beach City Gate which is located at the end of Ambon City. The uniqueness of this beach is the large rock shaped like a gate. There are also beach Hunimoa located about 40 km from the city center. In addition to swimming and lounging on the white sand beaches of clean, you can also look around the former airfield used during World War II.
Ambon city itself has been known as the center of the spice trade since centuries ago. And this makes Ambon city rich in several other historic relics such as Bunker VOC, debris freighter Dutch and the Portuguese in the bottom waters Waiyame, Fort Victoria, Siwalima Museum and many more.
4. Lake Rana, Buru Island
Rana lake is one of the largest lakes throughout the Maluku Islands and is located 63 km from the city center Namlea, one of the busiest cities on the island landfills legendary writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The journey is also not easy to achieve, travelers. First you have to take a ferry from the city of Ambon to Buru Island. Until Buru you have to take the car for 1.5 hours of Namlea to Wamlana Village, District Water Crocodile. Well, from this Wamlana village you have to go on about 43 km before reaching the lake Rana.
Which makes Lake Rana attractive is the surrounding scenery, the natural forest, combined with the reflection of the sky on the surface of the clear water and decorated with lotus flowers. The atmosphere became more serene when the dusk and calm lake water reflecting the sky violet color. It felt like heaven, travelers.