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Travel Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi Indonesia

Wisata Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu tourist area is one of the most attractive destinations that you can visit while in Sukabumi. Pelabuhan Ratu tourist characteristics found on steep cliffs, large sea waves and beach panorama captivate. This is because mengapat one of the tourist attractions in Sukabumi became a destination favored by many connoisseurs traveling from abroad.
One of the unique things about this tourist area of Pelabuhan Ratu is a mythical story that is often associated with Nyi Roro Kidul. It could not be separated from the position of beaches that are part of the southern coast of Java. Myths and mystical stories are local wisdom, become an integral part of the popularity of Pelabuhan Ratu itself as one of the most charming tourist destinations in Sukabumi and favored by many connoisseurs of domestic travel and administrative mancanegara.Secara, Pelabuhan Ratu is a district that is collected from nine villages and one village. Geographic layout which is directly adjacent to the open waters of the Indian Ocean presents you some amazing marine tourism charms, ranging from the beautiful panorama of up scuba diving memorable. From Jakarta, the distance traveled to Pelabuhan Ratu reached about 137 Km and takes about 3-4 hours drive. While from Bandung to Pelabuhan Ratu, is as far as 153 Km.
Interesting Spot Tourism Pelabuhan Ratu
Here are a number of spots and places of interest that you can find in the tourist area of Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi.

1. Pelabuhan Ratu beach

This is the most famous sights in Sukabumi, is the main destination for any person visiting the tourist area of Pelabuhan Ratu. Pelabuhan Ratu beach gives a charming panorama treats, wrapped in the cool air, and sand spread out wide. On this beach, you will find steep rocks jutting into the sea and forest nature reserve on the other side. Strong waves that hit the reef further adds beautiful panoramic beach in Sukabumi this one.
Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu

The most popular way of tourists carried in Pelabuhan Ratu beach is by playing at the seashore, relax and enjoy the natural surroundings, to fishing. If you want, you can hire a horse that will take you around the beach area.

2. Scuba Diving in Pelabuhan Ratu

The natural beauty of the underwater Pelabuhan Ratu is one charming that you can encounter. Although known with great sea currents, but not all places in the Pelabuhan Ratu has big waves and strong currents. Some diving spots in Pelabuhan Ratu famous is Sodong Parat, Coral antuk, and Stone Kuok. Of the three, Coral antuk is the most favored diving enthusiasts.
Diving di Pelabuhan Ratu

You can contact the dive operator in Pelabuhan Ratu to be able to explore the charm of the underwater ecosystem that is captivating. There are various species of fish with beautiful colors and coral reefs.

3.  Lalay Cave

Goa Lalay di Pelabuhan Ratu

Cave Lalay, there are millions of bats that live in it. When the dusk at around 5 pm, hordes of bats typically will start flying out of the cave. The location of the cave which is only a few meters from the beach allows you to enjoy the sunset in Pelabuhan Ratu well as the attraction of thousands of bats fly truly unique.

4. Beach Cimaja

This is the beach which is located near Pelabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi and became one of the most favorite surf spots for surfers. The beach is no stranger among national and international surfers. Cimaja beach has big waves with waves up to 4 meters. Some surf competition ever held in this beach. On the weekends, this beach will be crowded by the surfer.
Pantai Cimaja

However, the beach Cimaja not just for surfing only. On this beach you can spend the time to relax while enjoying views of the rocky times roundly located along the beach and watched the surfers demonstrated his skill Cimaja crashing waves, berliuk-contortion followed a wave.

5. Karang Hawu Beach

Pantai Karang Hawu
Pantai Karang Hawu
The beach location is also close to the tourist area of Pelabuhan Ratu. Coral formations and cliffs jutting into the sea is a unique panorama that you can encounter on the beach Coral Hawu. The natural charm of this region truly alluring, presenting you the beauty along the horizon are presented in front in the eye. Fishing and swimming are popular activities done some tourists on the beach, especially in times of the morning and afternoon. Moreover, surfing is also the other activities are quite frequent traveler on the beach Coral Hawu.

6. Thermal Baths Cisolok

Not far from the tourist area of Pelabuhan Ratu, you can go easily into hot water baths are located in the village Cisolok. The uniqueness of hot water Cisolok is the water that comes out through the rocks with three dots sprayed. Hot water gushes out of the point of this high temperature reaching 80 degrees Celsius, oelh therefore you are not allowed to be close to the sprayed point.
Air Panas Cisolok

Quite rare hot spring water in coastal areas, because in general in the mountainous areas as may be found diCiater, Ciwidey, or Mount Pancar. Soaking in a hot water bath is believed to be beneficial for health. One more thing, this Cisolok hot water does not contain sulfur, but from Geyser earth.

Hotels in Pelabuhan Ratu Tourism Regions

Pelabuhan Ratu tourist areas have good infrastructure. You can find a lot of hotels and inns in this place, from the star to the various villas. Perhaps you should make bookings in advance to get a room empty, especially when the holiday season. You can contact the hotel there or looking for hotels in Pelabuhan Ratu online. One book online are popular among connoisseurs of the trip is AGODA.

How To Go Pelabuhan Ratu

Travel to Pelabuhan Ratu can be reached from Bogor or Depok. If you want to ride public transportation, you can start from Terminal Baranangsiang in Bogor by taking the bus majors Bogor - Pelabuhan Ratu. This journey will take up to approximately 3.5 hours.
If you are to Pelabuhan Ratu using a private vehicle, then from Depok you can start routes from Sawangan, then passes through salting, then Sasak Long, Cilendek, Ciomas, Ramayana, Slate, and then Cijeruk to eventually reach the tourist area of Pelabuhan Ratu.