Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Puncak Jayawijaya West Papua - Indonesia

Puncak Jayawijaya This time will discuss about one ascent tourist destinations in Indonesia, known as Puncak Jayawijaya. Jayawijaya Peak is a 

mountain with an altitude of up to 4,884 m above sea level. Located at the coordinates 04 ° S 137 ° E 04 733 and 09 572. The mountain is looming break through the clouds and sky gracefully. Jayawijaya peak is the largest limestone mountain in Indonesia. This mountain is the highest point on the island of Papua, or even in Oceania and Australia. Jayawijaya peak is the highest point that includes the Andes and the Himalayas, and is called - touted as the highest peak of the various islands in the world.

Administratively Puncak Jayawijaya Barada in Sudirman Range or Dugunduguo, precisely in the province of West Papua. Jayawijaya Peak is the highest peak of all parts of Indonesia. The mountain is included in Jayawijaya mountain range that stretches very wide, even uniting two countries. This extends from the mountains of West Papua province of Indonesia to Papua New Guinea on the island of New Guinea. But among the vast mountain, the highest mountain in the province of West Papua - Indonesia. So administratively Indonesia is still very fortunate, because at the top that is the target of the TRAKKER world.

Indeed, Indonesia is located on the equator it has a tropical climate all time so it does not allow for snow in the region. But the wonders of nature often emerge in Indonesia. One of them is the eternal snow on the peak of Mount Jayawijaya.

At the peak of the highest mountain in Indonesia, snow was spread. The altitude that reaches 4,884 dapl make any lasting snow covered mountain peak in Papua. The snow at the top Jayawijaya is one of the unique natural phenomenon, because natural ice usually does not go down along the equator. If viewed from the air, Puncak Jayawijaya like tapestry covered with white hood. If the sun is bright, the snow will reflect sunlight glare but still awesome.

The beauty of the peaks Jayawijaya or better known as the climbers as the Carstensz Pyramid is listed as one of the top seven continents (seven summit) which is phenomenal and the target of mountaineers in various parts of the world. Carstenz taken from the name of the inventor of these mountains, Jan. Carstenz who see the snowy peaks in the tropics through an ocean liner in 1623.

Being in Puncak Jayawijaya or Carstensz Peak is a mountain climber's dream. Requirements are not easy and the cost is not cheap even have to be prepared ahead of time in order to overcome various obstacles. Starting from the natural conditions that are so steep, very cold temperatures, and strong winds and possible lack of oxygen is a challenge.

Before embarking on this adventure helps you prepare physically before starting the journey so that your condition is excellent, especially for the peak areas of the mountains the temperature can reach up to 0 degrees centigrade., In addition you shall pocketed a license from the relevant government authorities, it is solely else for our good as a climber or visitors because of the terrain you will travel not only long, difficult but also dangerous. It is not cheap and not easy to achieve Puncak Jaya, but it will be comparable to the sensation of satisfaction of its own ineffable words if you managed my feet there, the scenic beauty of the all green will certainly dazzle you, for while this view of the field difficult plus time and mileage that require special time may indeed be better if the climb is done by professional climbers, even if those of you who are not familiar with this activity, can be accompanied by those who have the ability to climb as well as specific experience in this regard.