Saturday, 30 January 2016

The beauty Tourism Labuhan Bajo NTT Indonesia

Labuan Bajo is located in Nusa Tenggara (East) in Indonesia, about 9253 km from Jakarta. There are some interesting things to be seen in Labuanbajo. Labuanbajo yet to taste if you do not visit the island of Komodo.

There are many things you can do around Labuanbajo. Such as diving and snorkeling in one of the islands or on the island Kanawa. If you love photography, then you have to Seraya Island Beautiful images of objects lots of interesting there. friend, it boasts Labuan Bajo entered in the '10 Best Destinations Travel International 2015 'by site' Lonely Planet '.
With the inclusion of Labuan Bajo on the list of tourist destinations internationally, then Labuan became a destination circuit tours the tourists after Bali, West Nusa Tenggara with Lombok dazzling, and to the East Nusa Tenggara which has a variety of tourist potential World class, such as Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island, also Kelimutu in Flores.

Administratively, Labuan Bajo is the capital of West Manggarai District that covers a quarter of the total area of ​​the island of Flores.
Although the hospitality industry accelerates the pace of the economic potential of the region, but 65% of its revenue still comes from agriculture.
Flores includes six districts, namely Manggarai, Ngadha, Ende, Sikka, Flores Timur, and Lembata.
Agricultural lifestyle in Flores, Sumba and Timor, gives considerable impact on the simplicity of its people, imbued with extraordinarily vibrant cultures traditionally.
The tradition to celebrate what nature gave, for example, Caci dance tradition as a fighting game dance that uphold sportsmanship in Flores, and fishing traditions or rites Baleo hunt whales in Alor, also tradition in Ngada Reba.
Reba is a traditional ritual and spiritual interesting and takes place every December or the beginning of the year is in January or February and held for three to four days. All related to farming and fishing lifestyle in the East.
For most travelers, the beautiful port of Labuan Bajo can be an ideal vacation. Labuan Bajo of tourists can reach the small islands around Labuan Bajo exotic such as:

Bidadari Island
Angel Island is a small island located in the northwest of Labuan Bajo. The island has white sand and calm crystal-clear water make an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling, and especially learn how to dive.
Angel Island, can be reached by way of a short 15-20 minute boat trip, is a small island of about 14-15 hectares covered with hills and trees, and is almost completely surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Seraya Island
Only 10 km from Labuan Bajo is a small but charming island Seraya is a place where can relax on white sandy beaches, swim in the clear water, calm and the water is turquoise blue, gives the opportunity to explore the underwater world of colorful with just a few glasses and snorkel. There is also a small fishing village located on the southern tip of the island, we can enjoy the natural beauty of the island Seraya.

Kanawa Island
Kanawa Island or Kanawa Island, located about 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo on the border of Kruger National Park, considered one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia, completely surrounded by a spectacular coral reef with thousands of species of fish, turtles, coral, reef shark , and manta rays.

A small hill in the middle of the island directly guaranteeing spectacular views over the park and to Labuan Bajo Bay (bay of Labuan Bajo).
From here, you can enjoy the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.
On all small islands, it contained accommodation in the form of basic bungalows situated almost directly on the beach.
There are also a number of small restaurants. However, equipment for snorkeling can not be hired in each island.
At Angel You must have your own snorkel equipment which can be obtained from the rental place to dive in Labuan Bajo; whereas on Kanawa Island and Pulau Seraya you can hire equipment directly in the islands.
If you want to dive, you should check before departure whether the equipment can be rented on the island or whether it should set of Labuan Bajo.
There is a stunning island again around Labuan Bajo, as such Kalong Island and Monkey Island both offer a good opportunity to explore the exotic fauna Flores.
Kalong Island (Pulau Kalong) is a place where you can enjoy the bustling activity of thousands of flying foxes every night.
It is located just 16 km from Labuan Bajo. While Monkey Island (Monkey Island) is where many intelligent monkeys will entertain you with their comical behavior. Monkey Island is located just 800 meters from Labuan Bajo.