Saturday, 16 January 2016

Travel Southeast Maluku Indonesia

Ngurbloat Beach
Langgur is 17 km from the capital city of Southeast Maluku in the village Ngilngof which can be reached within a 15-minute drive from New Airport Karel Sadsuitubun towards the West. Is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world ... Name Ngurbloat Beach in Kei language which means "Pasir Panjang". Terbetang white sand as fine as flour along 3 km from south to north and decorated with waving palm trees. There are also 4 pieces Tamu.tersedia Guest House for the traditional menu as well as sea food, grilled fish, mussels, seaweed and vegetables sir-sir. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of a very beautiful sunset.


Located 18 km from Langgur Southeast Maluku with the traveling time for 18 minutes using ground vehicles. Has a beautiful beach and there are beautiful coral to bersnorkling ..tersedia 2 pieces Guest House for visitors ..., At the top there is a beach heights with very beautiful view of the sea. From this beach you can walk along the beach up to the Beach Neighbors Ngurbloat.
Ely Banda village located in the North Eastern part of the Great Kei, taken within 4 hours of journey by sea vehicles. Its inhabitants came from the island of Banda. Their arrival in Kei Besar in 1621 when the war against the Netherlands under the leadership of JP Coen. Banda Ely residents still use their original language and to uphold their traditions such as the art of music and dance. This village is a handicraft center (handicraft) such as iron, silver and pottery. dI near the village of Banda Ely in the village Haar there is a beach with beautiful coral. Around the village of Ar reach the mountain where there is a castle and the old village.

This beach is located on the west side of the village of Great Kei Lerohoilim can be reached within 10 minutes from Elat with Army vehicles. The scenery is beautiful with large waves into place reksreasi very pleasant.

SPRING AND NEN Masil Evu natural bath.
A delightful place with beautiful natural scenery can be reached within 35 minutes from Langgur with ground vehicles. In addition to being a place of recreation water source used to supply clean water to the City Territory Langgur and Tual.

HILL Masbat
Masbait hill is the highest hill on the island of Kei Kecil with a beautiful view of the height of this place. This place can be reached from Langgur just 10 minutes journey by General vehicle. Here also a place of pilgrimage for Catholics. Here there is also a statue of Christ the King standing on a globe signifying that Jesus Christ will protect and bless the entire People residing in these islands.

Kei Tanimbar island is located in the north-west of Kei Kecil which can be reached within 3 hours by car sampai4 sea. Tanimbar Kei village is divided into two, namely Kampung Kampung Top and Bottom. To reach the village of SMA we have to climb the stairs leaning on teping as high as 10 to 15 meters. There are lots of interesting things here, ranging from architecture, art, customs and ancestral beliefs are still held firmly by its inhabitants. Tate'e Traditional ceremony held every year to beg God and the ancestors in order to acquire land and sea harvests were good.

A park is located near the main street of town Langgur. A monument in memory of Bishop John Died AETS, MSC and the Priests who executed the Japanese Army on July 30, 1942 during World War II relief .Terdapat History of the Catholic Church in the Moluccas and Papua. This relief meceriterakan of the entry of the Catholic Church in the country Kei since 1989. This place has become a pilgrimage place Catholics.

The beach is very attractive shelter and homestay on the beach entirely made with local ingredients are part of the floor and walls are made of bamboo and the roof is made of sago leaves. There is also available a café for visitors. White sand beach at low tide becomes very broad jutting into the sea to more than 200 meters can be used for beach soccer facilities.
By doing a short trip by boat from this beach we can go to the cliffs and watch the mysterious painting red shaped human figures, animals, boats and sun. The locals do not know the mysterious painter simbol2 . in hire also contained a sacred cave called Gua Vidnit (Doors of Death / Spirits ancestor).
The cave is located in the village 15 km from Langgur Letvuan. A fresh water pool in the beautiful reflection of sunlight. Goa dilam contained in rock that symbolizes a man holding a spear along with 2 tail dog. According to local Lagenda that a man went boar hunting with his dog. The dog chasing prey into cola mini pigs and the game disappeared here. Then, because they are tired and thirsty hunters and anjingnyameminum this kola water which tasted very bitter at the time. Angry and disappointed due to this the hunter cursed with dirty words that resulted in him and his dog transformed into stone. According to public confidence around the cave that still bergentayang evil spirits that place.

Next to the village in Sathean, about 7 km from the capital city of Maluku Tenggara Langgur there is a small island in the form of a ship. Locals believe that long ago there was a ship used by their ancestors who came from Bali arrives at Kei. According to the legend of the sunken ship at this location and then turned to stone. Island in front of the ship is a suitable location for snorkeling with blue water and a clean and beautiful coral reefs. There was also contained in a café on the waterfront opposite denan meters from the island with a distance of only 200 of the island the ship. There is also a boat for rent to the island.