Thursday, 21 January 2016

Garut Regional Indonesian Travel Destinations

Beautiful Places - Garut Regency is a name that is included in the territory of West Java Province. Garut thousands Cities Tarogong South. Talk about Regency arrowroot it can not be separated from the comestible Sundanese, the Dodo Garut. Yes, it is one of the typical snacks derived from lunkhead Garut Garut is well-known to all corners of the country. Wherever you are, nearly all the tourist locations in West Java there must be a seller souvenirs dodol this Garut. In the field of tourism Garut turns out this is not to be underestimated compared with other regions. (Read: Tourism in West Java)

There are various locations of tourist attractions in Garut who have the potential is high enough. Here we will show you 12 Places in Garut.

1. beach Santolo

Santolo beach is the beach located or located in the district of Garut Sikelet. Places Santolo beach is very crowded by tourists who come mostly from Bandung. They want to see a very beautiful natural scenery along with the release tired after a hectic work.

2. Lake Bagendit

Bagendit Lake is a lake located situ or in Banyuresmi. In place of this tour there is a legend about the origin of Lake Bagendit. The legend also be one of the things that attracted the attention of visitors. Bagendit has its sights undah is crystal clear lake water and there are rafts, boats and water bikes are rented for visitors.

3. beach Rancabuaya

Tourist attractions in Garut others already known is Rancabuaya Beach. Rancabuaya beach is included in a row of beach-related Samudera Indonesia, so it has a pretty big ombah. Beach scenery Rancabuaya inu also nice and not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. Gusts of wind and waves become pelegkap this tourist spot. At tourist sites Rancabuaya Beach, visitors can play in baebatauan coral and beautiful sand beach.

4. Orok Waterfall

In addition to beach, Garut there are also tourist attractions such as waterfall or waterfall. Orog waterfall is a tourist place in arrowroot located in the village Cikandang. The water level falls in waterfall Orog reaches 45 meters. When the holidays arrive so many tourists visiting the beautiful sights in Garut.

5. Papandayan Mountain

Name volcano seems already very familiar in the ears of residents in west Java. Volcano located in the District Cisurupan Garut and is one of the active volcano in western Java. Tourism potential in the form pemandanganya volcano is beautiful and still beautiful and there are craters and hot springs. For those of you who like climbing a mountain, the volcano is also often visited by hikers to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and the sunrise or sunrise.

6. Cijeruk Indah beach

Due to its location close to the sea, then there are several beaches that are in Garut. These beaches have very beautiful scenery so often visited by tourists. Cijeruk beautiful beach is a beach in Garut located in the village of Sagara. Cijeruk beach Beautiful appeal beaches are still clean, beautiful and not much visited by tourists.

7. Hot water Cipanas

In locations where there Cipanas tourist hot spring that is quite known to the public. Location Cipanas hot spring located at 6 km from the city of Garut. Along the road to the tourist attractions of this Cipanas you will be presented with a natural view of the countryside is still beautiful. The hot spring cipanas much used by people for bathing, in addition to a refreshing, hot water in it is believed to cure various diseases.

8. Karang Paranje Beach

Tourist attractions in Garut other beaches visited by many people is the Coral Coast Paranje. On the beach there are a cluster of coral enambah beauty of the beach tourism. This beach still looks beautiful and has not been developed by the related parties. It makes Wantai this place is still beautiful and natural.

9. Puncak Guha Beach

There did not seem bored to visit beach resorts. It membut Garut always visited by tourists who want to see the natural beauty of the beach. One Garut beautiful beach resort is the beach Puncak Guha. Peak beach Guha in Garut is unique compared to other beaches. The uniqueness is the view of the beach as seen from the top of a hill. But be careful so that visiting this place. Make sure your family, especially young children are beside you.

10. Candi Cangkuang

Cangkuang temple in Garut is one of the temples of Hindu Religious relics contained in Leles District, Garut West Java. According to the history of this temple was built during the reign of the Kingdom of Sunda Galuh. The location of this resort is perfect for day trips with family and get to know the history in Garut regency, West Java.