Friday, 15 January 2016

Five sights tasikmalaya - West Java

Curug Dendeng Tasikmalaya

Tasikmalaya is the name of a county and a city in West Java, was once part of the city of Tasikmalaya Tasikmalaya regency. However, over the forming district and the town of Tasikmalaya, the following sights in Tasikmalaya for your vacation and recreation.

1. Mount Galunggung

kawah gunung galunggung wisata tasikmalaya
Galunggung is one of the tourism offer in Tasikmalaya, The volcano is located in the Village District of Sukaratu Linggajati Tasikmalaya District, about 17 km from the center of the town of Tasikmalaya. Travelers can see the crater of Mount Galunggung by climbing 620 stairs.

2. Beach Cipatujah

Pantai Cipatujah Tasikmalaya
Tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya next Cipatujah Beach located at the village of Cipatujah. The distance is approximately 74 km to the south of downtown Tasikmalaya. Besides enjoying the tourist on the beach Cipatujah, on the beach is usually held racing buffalo quite interesting to watch.

3. Curug Dengdeng

Curug Dendeng Tasikmalaya
Curug or Niagara Jerky is located in the village of Cikawung Gading, Kampung Caringin, District Cipatujah. Curug waterfall Jerky is three levels, the first height 13 m, the second and the third 11 m 9 m. Jerky waterfall called because it has an uneven condition.
4. Beach SindangkertaPantai Sindangkerta Tasikmalaya
Sindangkerta beach is not far from the beach Cipatujah, a distance of approximately 4 km from the coast Cipatujah Tasikmalaya. Cipatujah beach is one of the attractions in Tasikmalaya who is also a turtle breeding place, to keep the turtle habitat here in order to avoid extinction.

5. Teejay Waterpark

Teejay Waterpark Tasikmalaya
Teejay waterpark is a waterpark in Tasikmalaya, located in Jalan HZ Mustafa beside Mall of Asia Plaza Tasikmalaya. It is suitable for you, especially children for recreation during the holidays, the facilities provided is complete and is also available a wave pool and lazy river.