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Tempat Wisata Pantai di Anyer

Anyer beach is famous for its beautiful beaches and white sand. Attractions in Banten Anyer beach is one of the recommendations tourist place suitable for families, especially if you live in Jakarta, which will go on vacation. Not only beach resort of Anyer course, the visitors who traveled in Banten can also enjoy the beauty of the Banten Carita Beach.

Anyer beach is located in the district of Anyer, Serang. Meanwhile, Carita beach is located in the district of Carita, Pandeglang. If from Jakarta, the tourist spots that are closer to reach are Anyer beach tourist spot than Carita beach. Carita beach attractions located slightly further away due to geographical factors, while the beach Carita him have directly to the Sunda Strait. However, this is not a significant problem because the distance between Anyer and Carita practically close enough to be reached. Especially if you take your own vehicle, be it a motorbike or four wheels.
Tempat Wisata Pantai di Anyer

If you have enough vacation time, then the choice of tourist destinations Anyer and Carita beach you can take at once. Of course this will be very interesting, especially if you are a person who likes the sea and the panoramic beauty of the sea. Distance locations Anyer Beach Banten approximately 160 km from Jakarta and the trip takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to get there.

If you use a private car transportation to go to a beach resort in Anyer Banten, then you can choose the path through Cilegon or Pandeglang. In order sooner, you can choose a trip to Anyer through the Cilegon. If you use a car, you can take a trip to the exit at the toll booth West Cilegon, then you will see the road forked, and the direction or directions Anyer Merak. Well, there choose the direction to Anyer and you'll pass the straight road to arrive at the destination. When your goal to Carita beach, then exit at the toll Serang and then do the journey towards Carita.

For the price of admission Anyer beach, a large bus users 500 thousand, 250 thousand small bus, car or sedan 50 thousand, 15 thousand motorcycles. Everyone who took part, including children, will be charged an entrance fee of 5 thousand. Travel Anyer beach is open every day for 24 hours.

One of the interesting things in Anyer beach is able to see a view of Mount Krakatau, you can clearly see the mountain from Anyer beach. Panorama of the beautiful beach and have a characteristic white sand beaches and cool air are the hallmarks of a tourist beach in Anyer.

Wisata di Pantai Anyer

Anyer in Banten beaches have white sand with calm waves. With such beach conditions, making Anyer beach is famous as a tourist in Banten very crowded.

In Anyer beach, you can swim at the beach, play sand, diving, snorkeling, jetski, play banana boat, walking leisurely along the shore, or even just to relax on the beach area while chatting with family. You may also camping or camping in this area. It will certainly be an exciting experience beach tourism.

Actually sights in Anyer beach consists of a number of beaches. This is because the beaches are in Sub Anyer, therefore known as Anyer beach. If you come to visit in Anyer, you will know the names of each of the beaches in the Anyer. The entire beach is located in the same shoreline.

1. Sambolo Beach, Anyer
Pantai Sambolo

Sambolo beach has beautiful white sand, of course, here comes the good public facilities. In addition to play and swim, enjoy the dishes that are sold at the seashore Sambolo also an interesting way to enjoy sightseeing in Anyer beach area. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach Sambolo.

2. Beach Marbella, Anyer
Pantai Marbella

Located right next to the beach Sambolo, you stay along the shoreline will find this Marbella beach. This beach called Marbella beach because it is located right in front of Hotel Marbella. Marbella Beach circumstances relatively clean and there are plenty of huts on the shore. Marbella beach is a beach destination in Anyer interest to visit during holidays or the new year.

3. Cibeureum Beach, Anyer
Pantai Cibeureum

In this place, you can enjoy the cool air of the coast Cibeureum. This coastal area is perfect for relaxing in between the palm trees that grow in this Anyer beach location. Unlike the other beaches, beach Cibeureum you can feel the atmosphere of a typical beach. You can enjoy a tour this Cibeureum beach while eating food sold by local people in the coastal areas Cibeureum.

4. Beach Marina, Anyer
Pantai Marina

Beach Marina offers water sports and water games. The choice of water sports and games will more than existing in Sambolo Beach. There are many accommodation facilities that support in the region Anyer beach this one,, such as villas and ressort interesting. Marina also has various facilities.

5. White Sand Beach Florida, Anyer
Pantai Pasir Putih Florida

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset at Anyer Beach, then this is the place to visit. To come in here, you simply pay 10,000 Rupiah ticket and you can enjoy the white sand Florida beach scenery is beautiful. Mempuyai sand beach is wider than the other beaches in Anyer. Therefore, it became one of the beach destinations are quite popular Anyer Banten.

6. Guava Beach - Anyer Banten
Pantai Jambu
From a beach in Anyer, this beach which has sand whiter and smoother. Beach conditions is still quite original because it is so natural, so has the beauty of a beautiful panorama. Anyer beach in this one you must visit on your trip to Anyer beach.