Monday, 29 February 2016

Bunaken Beautiful Beaches

Bunaken Beach

Bunaken is an area of ​​8.08 km² island in the Bay of Manado, which is located on the northern island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island is part of the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Bunaken Island can be

Friday, 26 February 2016

Cameron highlands in Malaysia

Titiwangsa Mountains (Malay: Banjaran Titiwangsa) is a mountain range that forms the backbone of the Malay Peninsula. This ranks began in the north in southern Thailand, stretching to the southeast and ends in the south near Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With its highest point at 2,183 m Mount Korbu, these mountains became a natural boundary, separating peninsular Malaysia into areas east and west coasts.

Some of the famous tourist destinations in Malaysia such as Cameron Highlands and Fraser Hill is situated in the mountains.

Cameron highlands is a small town located in the hills. The city entered the section of the Pahang State, Malaysia. Hihglands Cameron is producing vegetables and fruits as well as the largest tea plantation in Malaysia. In addition, this place is also known as the natural attractions of Cameron Highlands. Sights broad expanse of green tea gardens and plant vegetables and the fresh air makes Cameron Highlands ogled the tourists in the country and abroad. To go to the Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur can take a bus terminal Pudu Raya Express from a distance of about 5 hours. The name of this bus is Unititi Express. Express bus ticket price is 40 ringgit. Rupiah time of this writing is made is 1 Ringgit = Rp 3500.00. When departing from Penang Island to the Cameron Highlands trip takes approximately 5 hours. Express bus ticket price less the same as from Kuala Lumpur. Lots of locations in Cameron Highlands that can be made place to relax while enjoying the natural scenery of green.

The small park near the Express Bus Terminal Cameron Highlands. The park is quite lovely for relaxing while taking pictures. Her location is located in Tanah Rata town center and adjacent to the Express Bus terminal. In this place tedapat playground for children and a medium-size fountain.

Strawberry plantation
Cameron Highlands is famous for strawberries and many stores at the roadside to sell strawberries at prices far cheaper than the supermarket. Besides the price is cheap, strawberry fruit sale also maintained its quality and still in a fresh state because the buyer can immediately reap and choose for themselves. Location of the garden strawberry fruit can be met with ease across the region Cameron Highlands and many signs that show a Strawberry fruit orchards.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ngarai Sianok Bukit Tinggi Sumatera Barat

Sianok Canyon is a steep valley (ravine) located in the border town of Bukittinggi, in the district of IV Koto, Agam, West Sumatra. The valley is

Monday, 22 February 2016

Kali Pancur waterfall

One form of recreation with the natural theme of the mountains is a trip to the waterfall. There are several tourist attractions in Semarang in the form of a waterfall, but the time Pancur waterfall is a waterfall with road terrain is relatively the most friendly, than others, call the waterfall. A waterfall (Water

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Bukit Batu Ratapan Angin Dieng

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Klayar Beach Pacitan

Klayar Beach 
Klayar Beach is a beach in Pacitan are quite famous, white sandy beach with hills in the vicinity so as to make the scenery was breathtaking and certainly

Kalisuci Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul was awarded the remarkable ecological beauty. For those who admire the view of the beach, then Gunung Kidul is paradise. You will not run out of stock beaches to visit. Call it a name such as the Turkish coast Kukup,

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Kedung Kandang Waterfall

One more beautiful place hidden among the hills of Gunung, place is quite beautiful and of course there are naturally named "Kedung Occasionally" waterfall that divides the green rice fields bendo ready to spoil your eyes to the lovers of traveling or blusukan, well to reach this place is quite a struggle

Monday, 15 February 2016

Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers is a leading tourist attraction Kuala Lumpur. This is the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world: awesome towering as high as 1,483 feet (452 ​​meters) from the bottom to the top. Argentine architect C├ęsar Pelli to design this building as a symbol of Kuala Lumpur 21st century. Its construction began in 1992 and was completed late 1997.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sanur Beach in Bali

Sanur Beach is a hub of a famous tourist island of Bali. This place is located just east of Denpasar, capital of Bali. Sanur is located in the municipality of Denpasar.

Because it has waves are quite calm, then Sanur beach can not be used to surf like Kuta Beach [1]. Not far off the coast of Sanur there are also diving and snorkeling tourist sites. Therefore, the condition is friendly, the location can be used by scuba divers of all skill levels.

Sanur beach is also known as Sunrise beach (beach Sunrise) as opposed to Kuta Beach.

Because of its location which is in the east of the island of Bali, the Bali beach this be an appropriate location to enjoy the sunrise or the sun rises. This makes it more attractive tourist spot, there's even a segment on Sanur beach is named beach Sunrise because the scenery is very beautiful when the sun rises when seen from there.

Along the coast of Bali is becoming a fitting place to see the sun rise. Especially now built a kind of sanderan containing tiny huts could be found sitting around waiting for Sunrise. In addition, the waves on the beach is relatively quiet so it is suitable for beach recreation arena of children and harmless.

In addition, visitors can see the sun rises with a swim at the beach. Most of the region's beaches have white sand exotic. Equipped with shade trees, visitors can sit and enjoy roasted corn or spring rolls are being sold hawkers.

Along the coast of Bali's sights are now equipped with supporting the tour, such as hotels, restaurants or small cafes and art shop. One of the oldest hotels in Bali are built on this beach. The hotel is named Ina Grand Bali Beach is located right on the waterfront. In addition, along the shoreline also built a sort of walking area is often used as a jogging path by tourists or local people. The line was stretched southward past the beach Shindu, Coral coast until Semawang so that tourists can exercise while enjoying a view of the beach in the morning.

Sanur as attractive tourist spots in Bali, already well known from the first, since the construction of the first five-star hotel in Bali, named Bali Beach Hotel, now named Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Tourist attractions Sanur, became one pilhan of domestic or foreign tourists, besides the tourist spots of Kuta and Jimbaran.

Currently in Sanur tourist spot there are many five-star hotel, with prices relatively equivalent to interesting places in Bali the other. One of the famous beach in Sanur tourist spot, called Sunrise Beach.

This beach called sunrise because, the beach is always offers a beautiful view of the sunrise. Every morning around 5:30, if you come to the beach sunrise, you'll see a lot of tourists are waiting for the sunrise.

The sand at Sanur beach is white and the sea water tend to be shallow. Additionally, you will see many traditional fishing boats lined the shore and the boats have attractive colors to be seen.

In addition to see the sunrise, Sanur beach is also often used by professional photographers, to take pre wedding photos, with background of sunrise and traditional fishing boat colorful.

Because the waves at the beach of Sanur is very quiet, the beach is more on tourists who want to do snorkeling and diving activities. If you want to do a surfing, Sanur beach is not suitable for you.

For those who do not dare to make diving or snorkeling because of fear or no experience. Of course, all that does not prevent tourists to see the beautiful view of the ocean beaches of Sanur.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Senggigi Beach Lombok Indonesia

Senggigi Beach is a famous tourist spot in Lombok. It is on the west coast of the island of Lombok. Senggigi Beach is not as big as Kuta Beach in Bali, but once we were here will feel like being at Kuta Beach, Bali. Entering the Senggigi beach area, tourists seta immediately accosted by a gentle breeze

Friday, 12 February 2016

Pandawa Beach in Bali

The beach is one of the Pandawa Bali tourist area in Bali, in the village Kutuh, District of South Ticks, Badung regency. Turkish Pandavas also often known by the name Kutuh Beach, and sometimes also referred to as secret beach (Secret Beach) because it is located behind the cliffs.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sawarna Beach in Indonesia

Sawarna village is a tourist village located in Lebak, Banten. Sawarna village started to become a talking point in the 2000s when it began to be exposed on the Internet. Besides still empty because only became popular, a tourist village Sawarna also has another feature, which has many tourist attractions, closely spaced so that in one way you will be able to enjoy it all at once.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Losari Beach Makasar Indonesia

Losari is one of the attractions mainstay Makassar. Losari around the coast there are the culinary center that sells a wide variety of food and snacks typical. So long row of food vendors is to stall touted as the longest in the world.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Floating market Lembang Bandung

Bandung is famous for its mountains appeared to save a lot of tourist attractions that not many people know. You will feel a different atmosphere when visiting this floating market.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Muara Kuin Floating Market in Banjarmasin Indonesia

Muara Kuin Floating Market or the Floating Market Barito River is the traditional floating markets which are on the river at the mouth of the Barito river Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Muara Kuin Floating Market is a heritage saujana Banjarmasin. The sellers and buyers using boats, boats in a language called Banjar. This market began after dawn prayers until after seven in the morning. Sunrise reflected light between the transaction vegetables and garden produce from the villages along the Barito river and its tributaries.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Travel Gunung Kidul Regency in Indonesia

Gunung Kidul Regency is known as a barren and arid region because almost all the regional topography consists of limestone hills or better known as karst. When the dry season comes, the green color of plants soon changed to brown due to molt. However, behind the aridity of the karst hills of Gunung save millions of tourism potential that are rarely found elsewhere. One of them is the beautiful caves hidden in the bowels of the earth with rivers flowing in it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Parangkusumo Beach in Indonesia

Parangkusumo is one beach that is deemed sacred in the area Parangtritis. In Javanese culture and tradition, Parangkusumo beach is considered as the main gateway to the South Seas Kraton invisibility, an empire that controls the Queen of the South Sea South Sea (Indian Ocean). Various events to the harbor, both of Ngayogyakarta and from the public, held on the beach this Parangkusumo.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Buru Island Maluku Indonesia

Maybe for some people, the island is not too familiar. There are even some people also do a little shiver when you hear the word "Buru". They were shivering, certainly those who have read the book nobelis, Mr. Pramodya AnantaToer entitled "Human Earth". The book illustrates clearly about political prisoners were exiled to this place. So no one else, Buru is often remembered as the "Island of Exiles" or black jail for political prisoners (Prisoners) of the new order. However, behind all the connotations that, nobody ever realized that this island turns out a lot of potential natural resources of high economic value and potential of exotic travel and riveting.