Thursday, 18 February 2016

Klayar Beach Pacitan

Klayar Beach 
Klayar Beach is a beach in Pacitan are quite famous, white sandy beach with hills in the vicinity so as to make the scenery was breathtaking and certainly
very tempting to visit. Klayar Beach is located in the district area Donorojo, Pacitan, about 40 km from Kota Pacitan. Klayar Beach, in addition to having a beautiful view is also unique in that the rock which naturally has a unique shape, but it is also a fountain of natural and flute sea, fountains natural beach Klayar This happens because the pressure waves are quite big in through rock crevice, causing muncratan and sounds like a flute.

Administratively, the beach is located in District Pacitan Klayar Donorojo, precisely in the village of Kalak, Pacitan, East Java. From downtown Pacitan, Klayar beach can be reached by traveling a distance of 40 km in the west of Pacitan, spent time traveling for about 1 hour.

Klayar charm charming panorama of the beach this is a decent thing you put in your travel plans. But please note that access to the beach is somewhat less easy. If you visit the beach Klayar Pacitan, you will find a number of parts that have not been paved roads as a whole as well as some parts were damaged.

In addition, you also have to pass through the winding streets and up and down, a thing that requires you to be more careful in driving. But on arrival at the beach, you will be presented with a beautiful view of the beach.

Travel infrastructure problems have been anticipated by the local government and executed in Pacitan tourism development plan. Tourism development is quite important given the traffic visits the audience of a trip to the beach Klayar Pacitan upward trends over time. In a typical day, you probably will only see the local fishermen who move in Pacitan beach this one. But in the vacation arrived, Klayar beach is one of the favorites visited by domestic tourists, some of whom are foreign tourists.

Arriving at the beach Klayar, you can see two rock as high as coconut trees on the east side of the beach. Coral beach that is the icon Klayar Pacitan. On the back of the reef, there are other corals withstand the brunt of the south sea waves. One thing that is interesting, among the rocks tersebuat there is a giant rock can be said to be similar to tourist attractions Tanah Lot in Bali.

Curiosities in Klayar Beach Pacitan
Klayar Beach has a lot of cliffs and some of them perforated by the brunt of the waves, also jejaran tree head in the coastal region. One thing to remember is that you are not allowed to swim at the beach is because the waves were quite large and the large cliffs.

On the beach Klayar, you can find a unique thing, namely flute ocean. Flutes of this ocean is the name for a phenomenon in which there is a basin which is at the bottom of a cliff or rocks at the beach. When the basin was hit by waves of the sea, the sea water out gushes to the surface through the sidelines rocky and produce a beautiful sound like the sound of the flute.

A unique thing is you can find a statue that resembles the shape of the Sphinx as it existed in Egypt. This uniqueness is formed due to the many high cliffs in the coastal region Klayar that when viewed from a distance, offering views like the Sphinx. You certainly can climb this cliff, but it is fitting to maintain prudence for the safety recall is relatively steep cliffs and high.

f you gazed westward from the coast Klayar, there is a bigger cliffs and towering to a height reaching up to 50 meters. This cliff is one of the group of rocks in the coastal tourist area Klayar Pacitan. Exotic scenery you can imagine where reliance is like Noah's ark.

On the beach Klayar, you can witness the phenomenon in which the brunt of the waves hitting the rocks will create a fountain that even height reached 10 meters. The beautiful scenery is the result of strong bursts of sea water coming in through the bottom of the rocks.

These Klayar trip to Beach Pacitan

Until now, there is public transportation available to take you to the beach Klayar Pacitan. The most popular way to the beach is by private vehicle, either car or motorcycle. Some travelers also use the services of travel agencies to deliver the group headed this Klayar beach. Keep in mind, of Goa Gong Pacitan to Klayar beach is so far only about 12 km.

If you are from Jogjakarta, then the most recommended way to the beach Klayar is by taking a walk through at Gunung Wonosari. The area to be traversed is Pathuk - Wonosari - Pracimantoro - Giribelah - border of Central Java and East Java - Punung - Klayar Beach.

If you are from Solo, then navigate to the District Pracimantoro your vehicle, and will arrive at the junction Giribelah, turn right to arrive at the intersection Kalak. From there, you just have to go on for about 1 hour to arrive at the beach Klayar.