Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Kedung Kandang Waterfall

One more beautiful place hidden among the hills of Gunung, place is quite beautiful and of course there are naturally named "Kedung Occasionally" waterfall that divides the green rice fields bendo ready to spoil your eyes to the lovers of traveling or blusukan, well to reach this place is quite a struggle
because after the vehicle left the residents in the house we had to walk approximately 1 KM past the rice field is quite steep, therefore it is very mandatory to be - the heart and prepare extra energy to get down fairly challenging terrain. Although not yet officially managed by the manager of travel but this place is well known by lovers of picnics. as manifested Hamlet's mother Sendangsari Jaiyem "sampun katah ingkang dolan mriki, nanging kedah ngati-ati soale Dalane angel" (many who visit here but it should be - careful because his net hard).

Waterfall kedung Kandang, a unique waterfall hidden in Gunungkidul. This waterfall has a level of as much as 6 levels. Being in the paddy fields to make a scenic waterfall cage kedung very natural, of course, look cool and green.
Waterfall kedung cage is not yet officially managed by the government or the travel manager. In the meantime waterfall travel management kedung cage managed by Nglanggeran tourist village. So to the facility is not yet available, there is only a bebeapa homes that provide a place for bike storage and menjua snacks.

Locations And Route to Waterfalls Kedung Kandang

Location Niagara Kedung Kandang is located in the village of Mount Butak Padukuhan Nglanggeran Patuk District of Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta. GPS coordinates S7 ° 51'20.2 "E110 ° 32'06.3". Location and Route Map of Yogyakarta look at the end of the post. Cage kedung new tourist attraction at Gunung which offers a beautiful waterfall and cruising walking or trekking through ± 800 meters along the path, enjoying the view interesting serperti: mountains, hills, big rocks, rivers and rice fields.
Around Kedung Cages also are Gutter Purba ± 150 meters to the right of the entrance and Peak Ngekong. Ngekong peak is the peak of a mountain or hill in the region. From the top of Peak Ngekong visitors can see the beautiful natural scenery of the area beneath it. Kedung Cage and Njurug Gutter Purba managed Nglanggeran Gunung Tourism Village is a seasonal waterfall because the water flow in the rainy season or after a rain. The difference Kedung Cage is a multilevel waterfall where water flowed from the cliff top to the bottom through the hills towards the river and the rocks are located terraced like stairs when viewed from a distance.

When trekking, prepare lunch drinks for walking up and down the hill is quite exhausting. Some stalls drinks and foods are available, but the location just near the entrance and exit lanes. One of these stalls "Ma'am Sri" right on the ramp west toward the exit. In close these stalls are rare trees Kemloko (Phyllanthus Emblica) in English this plant is called as Indian gooseberry or a myrobalan fruit shape like green grapes, but sour.