Friday, 12 February 2016

Pandawa Beach in Bali

The beach is one of the Pandawa Bali tourist area in Bali, in the village Kutuh, District of South Ticks, Badung regency. Turkish Pandavas also often known by the name Kutuh Beach, and sometimes also referred to as secret beach (Secret Beach) because it is located behind the cliffs.

When you visited this beach, there are high cliffs overgrown with shrubs. Once the access roads to the beach Pandavas quite difficult, but because it has a beautiful beach which is very charming eyes of visitors, the local governments to create or open access to a road along approximately 1.5 km. The access road is made quite unique and looks magnificent because the road is flanked by high cliffs.

This tourist spot formerly known by the name Secret Beach because of its location behind the high limestone cliffs, so not many people are aware of its existence. Now, the local government has opened access into making its way along the 1.5 km splitting limestone cliffs.

The place name is derived from their travel five Pandavas statue, in the Hindu legend, which overlooks the beach. In the limestone cliffs made holes to put the five Pandava sculpture, which consists of Yudhisthira, Bima, Arjuna and the twins Nakula - Sadewa.

Tourist attractions are also referred to this Kutuh Beach has a beauty that is not less than the other beaches in Bali. White sand and turquoise waters make anyone linger enjoyed by sitting in a reclining chair in a row of this beach.

If the Kuta Beach is known for sunset views, the beach facing east have views of the sunrise that can be relied upon. Not infrequently, from here you can see tourists who do paragliding from Mount Timbis, flew past on the beach.

In addition to the high cliffs, you will also find statues puppet is a statue of the five Pandavas Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. The fifth statue will be found when entering the Pandavas Coast region. The fifth statue was also installed inside the cliffs, so that visitors who come will see the five statues lined up in sequence.

Each year, Turkish Pandavas used as the location for the ceremony Malesti which is a commemoration ceremony in the series of Nyepi. Malesti ceremony aims to cleanse themselves of any wrongdoing and the bad things in the past. Moreover, in this coastal region also contained seaweed farming activities undertaken by local fishermen.

To be able to enjoy all the beauty of the beach, you only need to pay 2,000 rupiah to 5,000 rupiah to the citizen and foreigners. Cheap, is not it?

It is interesting that you can find on the beach Pandavas is the charm of it's own beaches. The beauty of the beach pandawa not in doubt, since the access road that has facilitated this beach now often enlivened by visitors, both domestic and foreign tourists. Water roaring sound of the waves accompanied by dazzling white sand beach make this a place worthy of your holiday and also the family.

Various activities can you do at this Pandavas Beach. You can swim or relax berduduk dipinggiran beach while enjoying a drink of fresh coconut water along with a dish of roasted corn. Or you can also take a walk while seeing how the seaweed farmers are working in the cultivation of seaweed. Seaweed cultivation has long been done by the local community since the 1980s to the present. And now the results of the cultivation has been cooperating with other countries such as the United States and Denmark.