Monday, 22 February 2016

Kali Pancur waterfall

One form of recreation with the natural theme of the mountains is a trip to the waterfall. There are several tourist attractions in Semarang in the form of a waterfall, but the time Pancur waterfall is a waterfall with road terrain is relatively the most friendly, than others, call the waterfall. A waterfall (Water
Falls) pouring from a height of about one hundred meters from the slopes of Mount Telomoyo with views of green plants Shrubs and rock aggregates steep almost 90 degrees where there are caves small place birds' nests, making Niagara Kali Pancur Heritage frequent visited mainly by those who have a hobby of rock climbing.

Niagara Kali Pancur time itself has ketinggan about 100 meters which is located on the back of the mountain Telomoyo that leads directly into the Swamp and dizziness. At this location is also sometimes used by nature lovers to climb tembing. Due to the angle of Niagara Kali Pancur own nearly 90 degrees.

Along the road from the car park to the location of Niagara Kali Semarang Pancur is pretty far too. But take it easy, because along the way there is a gurgling sound of water in the mountains running down the street sampin when we'll get to this waterfall. Decorated with unspoiled natural scenery and cool and relief of natural rocks that are around Niagara Kali Semarang Pancur this will make searchers comfortable to linger here.

Location Niagara Kali Pancur
Niagara is located in the village of Kali Pancur Nogosaren, Getasan subdistrict, Semarang regency, Central Java. The exact location is west of Salatiga (about 14 Kilometers with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes).

Access to the site is not easy. The absence of public transportation requires visitors to walk about four kilometers, or can also use a motorcycle taxi service from the village of Wates, Getasan. To achieve Wates village, Truce by public transport can use the services of village or vehicle Elf Transport Department Magelang via Kopeng of Salatiga Cattle Market.

The parking lot at waterfall tourism Pancur time is quite spacious, located at coordinates 110, 25 '21:37 "BT 7, 21' 41.5" LS. Ticket for Rp 2,500 (October 2010) per person. Location kalipancur waterfall is about 900m (the number of steps more than 800) from the entrance, the road is quite steep stairs although there permanently. So it must be physically fit enough disiapka prior to the location of this waterfall.

Falls View
Almost along down the stairs, there is the sound of gurgling mountain stream flowing beside the stairs with a stunning natural scenery, with waterfalls height of about 150 meters. In addition decorated with natural rocks, cliff waterfall was also filled with small caves shelter for swiftlet. After enjoying the natural beauty of Niagara This Pancur time should conserve energy due to return home visitors should be down again one by one stair climb earlier.