Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sawarna Beach in Indonesia

Sawarna village is a tourist village located in Lebak, Banten. Sawarna village started to become a talking point in the 2000s when it began to be exposed on the Internet. Besides still empty because only became popular, a tourist village Sawarna also has another feature, which has many tourist attractions, closely spaced so that in one way you will be able to enjoy it all at once.

Types of tours that you can enjoy in a tourist village Sawarna is because the nature of nature around the site is still rarely touched by human interference so it is still very beautiful and interesting to see. Tourist attractions that can be visited in a tourist village Sawarna is in the form of rivers, forests, agro-tourism, rock climbing, cave, and the most famous is its beautiful beaches.

Sawarna is the name of the coast, in a coastal village that has a variety of interesting sights to visit such as beaches, rivers, forest, rock climbing, cave, as well as agro-tourism. This beautiful coastal location fused with mythical stories Nyai Roro Kidul and exploitation of coal in Bayah and Lebak by foreign invaders.

You will be impressed by the vast stretches of paddy fields, beautiful views of the village, blowing cool air of a typical agricultural village, and a row of palm trees and teak trees lined up like a calf fence village.
Travel beaches Sawarna located in Lebak, Banten, on vacation alternatives which are not far from Jakarta. Beautiful beaches and nature remain natural will make travelers will marvel.

First set foot in the village Sawarna, tired eyes that seemed lost when it was also exchanged with the wonder of nature. In the village of Sawarna, hills and fields are green, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea too.

Location Village Sawarna
Sawarna village in the District Bayah, Banten province. The village has a landscape that is truly riveting begins from the beach, rocks, hills, jungles protected until the caves are also in this tourist village. Travelers like to call these places as beaches or beaches Sawarna Sawarna sukabumi offerings, because it is located in Banten and Sukabumi district.

One of the charms of the village Sawarna ie Ciantir beach with a row of white sand and rows of palm trees and ocean waves are captivating. The beach is the most visited by tourists who come to the village of Sawarna. Not only because of the wonderful charm, this beach can be close to the inn there. Coastal headlands screens also provide coolness to anyone who looked at him. Stretch of coral encircling the beach, with 2 reefs towering up and became an icon of Sawarna

Iron bridge is the start of your trip to the village of Sawarna, farther into the street that will be presented next panorama dense jungle. You can play in the white sand beaches accompanied bertaburnya sheen. Seeing waist broad beach accompanied by the sound of the waves and the sea breeze menderunya.

How to Reach the Beach Sawarna
Sawarna beach can be reached by private vehicle or public transportation. If using a private vehicle from Jakarta, the route that will travel are:

East Line: Jagorawi, Ciawi, Cibadak, Pelabuhan Ratu, Sawarna.
West Line: Toll Merak, East Serang, Pandeglang, Gunung Kencana, Malingping bayah, Sawarna.
Suggested uses for the eastern path west lane lonesome and dark, so you will have problems when in need of help. In addition, there are still sparse dining and filling stations.

If you want to use public transportation, you can ride the bus majoring in Pelabuhan Ratu from the local bus terminal, from Pelabuhan Ratu then you should proceed toward Sawarna by climbing elf. When you ride public transportation, I suggest do not be too late, because the public transport to the village Sawarna only until 5pm only.