Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Losari Beach Makasar Indonesia

Losari is one of the attractions mainstay Makassar. Losari around the coast there are the culinary center that sells a wide variety of food and snacks typical. So long row of food vendors is to stall touted as the longest in the world.

To go to the beach Losari was very easy. The visitors can use a taxi or public transportation. Most people that call the city of Makassar sure his memory will be on the beach who once dubbed the longest in Asia this restaurant.
Formerly, this beach is the beach with the longest table in the world. This is because along the coast lined up stalls tent. However, this time is no longer because of the stalls have been relocated to a place not far from the tourist area.
Not only that, the beach Losari also m emiliki charm that became the pride of the people of Makassar, namely the late afternoon sun is setting. The sunset is a major attraction that makes people come to this Losari beach. That said, Losari has a panoramic view of the world's most beautiful sunset.
Every afternoon of hundreds of people had come to see the panorama of red as the sun sank into the ocean. Therefore, do not miss Sunset at Losari. In order to look more beautiful beaches and comfortable place to visit, Makassar city government has made a pavilion called the Court of Bahari. The semicircular pavilion with an area of ​​nearly one hectare. In these places, visitors can play games or just sit around enjoying the sea breeze.
Meanwhile, around the beach there are many cafes and restaurants serving fresh seafood. Not only that, visitors can also enjoy the specialties of Makassar, such as epek banana, green bananas, Coto Makassar, konro soup, and so forth.

Along the coast there are also plenty of lodging, either jasmine-class hotels to star hotels. There are also hospitals and shopping centers as well as handicrafts Makassar gold. The beach location is situated in the heart of Makati City, on Jalan Comforter west of Makassar.
Losari is located right in the heart of the city of Makassar, which is in Jalan Comforter, which is located west of the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. This saves the beautiful sunset that cradles the eye. In Losari you will be presented landscapes combined with unique culinary tour of Makassar. Various culinary delights are available for your unique culinary enthusiasts. One of the most popular is the banana Epe. Bananas are burnt then flattened and given a mixture of brown sugar water. Hmm, delicious. Suitable to keep warm.
This beach has a unique and very charming privileges. One of the unique Losari is that visitors can watch the sunrise and sunset at the same position. The specialty of these attractions is that visitors can enjoy the beautiful waves that break up the coastal embankment and coolness "angingmamiri" the blowing breeze, watching the seconds setting of the sun as a whole over the horizon, ranging from the color changes to shift its position until the correct -Right out of sight. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood. In the south pavilion Losari, there is a cafe and a floating restaurant aboard the traditional Bugis-Makassar "Phinisi" with a varied menu, such as cooking stingrays, squid and lobster with prices ranging between Rp 7,500, - up to Rp 25.000, - per serving.