Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ngarai Sianok Bukit Tinggi Sumatera Barat

Sianok Canyon is a steep valley (ravine) located in the border town of Bukittinggi, in the district of IV Koto, Agam, West Sumatra. The valley is
elongated and meandering as the southern boundary of the city of Koto Gadang to Sianok Anam tribe villages, and ended up in the district Palupuh. Sianok canyon has a very beautiful view and also became one of the flagship attraction of the province.

Jurangnya Sianok canyon in about 100 m, stretches along 15 km with a width of about 200 m, and is part of the fault that separates the island of Sumatra in half lengthwise (fault Semangko). This fault forms the walls are steep, even perpendicular and form a green valley-result of decreased movement of earth crust (sinklinal) -which Sianok energized rod (rod means river, in Minangkabau language) that the water is clear. In the Dutch colonial era, the gap is referred to as karbouwengat or buffalo sanget, because many buffalo lived freely in this canyon.

Sianok rod can now be forded by using canoes and kayaks are disaranai by an organization of water sports "Qurays". The route is from the village Lambah until jorong Sitingkai Palupuh village for approximately 3.5 hours. At the edges still found many rare plants such as Rafflesia and medicinal plants. Fauna encountered eg long-tailed macaques, gibbons, hoop, deer, wild boar, leopard, and tapir.

Location and Physical Condition Canyon Sianok
Sianok Canyon is located on the border of the city of Bukittinggi well as a borderline southern part of the canyon until Sianok Anam Koto Tower Tribe, until berakhr in the area Palupuh. The scenery in this place is very beautiful and become one of the mainstay tourist sites. The location is cool with awesome natural scenery make it an ideal place for vacation with family.

Sianok canyon valley depths of around 100 meters with a length of 15 km and a width of 200 m. Ngara Sianok also a part of the fault into the separator Sumatra island lengthwise into 2 fragments, namely Fault Watermelon.

Fault Sianok canyon forming steep walls and also form a green valley formed naturally is through the movement of the earth's crust downs and fed with a rod or Sianok River. In the Dutch period, Sianok canyon also referred to as the Buffalo because many buffalo are at the bottom of this canyon.

Panorama Canyon Sianok
Sianok canyon is a narrow valley surrounded by steep rugged hills dotted with small stream in the middle. Contour Sianok valley formed by the process of decline in most slab of the earth, causing a fracture tangible steep ravine.

The canyon stretches as far as 15 km from the south side of Tower until Nagari Nagari Koto Sianok Six Tribe, with cliffs up to 100 meters depth and gap width of about 200 meters.

Fault in Sianok is part of the fault (Fault) Semangko which divides into two parts of Sumatra Island of Aceh extends to the Gulf of Watermelon in Lampung. Fault Semangko itself is the location of the fault that forms the Bukit Barisan Mountains.

Sianok canyon is the most obvious visual manifestation of the activity of the movement of tectonic plates (tectonic) on the island of Sumatra. The fracture formation process produces a fertile area with a beautiful panorama.

The area has another name, namely, Quiet Valley, because the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. Backed by its clean air and cool, accompanied by a background of birdsong and the sound of water gurgling river, the canyon is suitable as a place to take a load off your mind from the daily routine.

Therefore, many citizens of the city of Bukittinggi fill their weekend with a work around this canyon. Sports are usually done here, among others, trekking, mountain biking, or just take a walk lightly relieve fatigue.

If you just stop for a moment in London and did not have much time, do not worry. You can still enjoy the beautiful panorama of verdant canyon Sianok from a distance in a place called Taman Panorama.