Thursday, 18 February 2016

Kalisuci Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul was awarded the remarkable ecological beauty. For those who admire the view of the beach, then Gunung Kidul is paradise. You will not run out of stock beaches to visit. Call it a name such as the Turkish coast Kukup,
Krakal, Sundak, Drini Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach as an example. And there are many other beaches. Each of these beaches there have characteristics and beauty alone.

In addition to having a row of beach that is very intriguing, Gunung Kidul also has caves are very beautiful. It is easy to understand, because of the topography of Gunung Kidul consisting of limestone mountains or hills. The most famous caves in Gunung Kidul is Pindul. In addition to offering the beauty of nature and the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites are very charming, Pindul also offers the sensation cave tubing is very challenging. But besides Pindul, there is another cave that is a pity if you miss when traveling to Gunung Kidul. The cave was named Cave Kalisuci. It is said that the cave is called Kalisuci because the flowing water at the bottom is very clear.

Caves Kalisuci still relatively new tourist attraction in Gunung Kidul because recently opened to the public in recent years. In fact an attempt to pioneer the development of infrastructure to support Kalisuci Cave as a tourist destination that is used in the form of stairs leading down to the river has been made since 1997 when the leadership of President Suharto era. But due to lack of attention and concern from various stakeholders, the supporting infrastructure has become neglected and not maintained. Then the ladder used by local people as a traffic lane leading to the river. And the river is used by residents for bathing and washing clothes. It is actually pollute water and pollute rivers.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and nature, Cave Tubing Kalisuci could be the choice of your holiday in Yogyakarta. Cave Tubing Kalisuci itself is located in Jetis, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul. This location when you access from the city of Yogyakarta berjerak about 40 km or about 10 km from Wonosari.
Cave Tubing itself is a mix between rafting (rafting) with caving (caving) where the activity is actually separate the two. Because of the location of the Cave Kalisuci have heavy water flow and river located in the cave, then cocoklah when activity in the free has become a fascinating challenge for lovers of natural adventure.

Before you get into the cave, guides will provide guidance how tips and ways you can do when you follow Cave Tubing this holy time. Next, pemangsangan safety gear such as life vest, helmet, safety knee and foot safety. Then the guides will share in car tires for every participant.
On descending towards the river inside the cave, a guide will always accompany you. Do not worry because they will be to guide the participants until the end of the adventure.

Kalisuci cave itself is one segment of the Kars region Gunungsewu which covers include three districts of Gunung Kidul, Wonogiri and Pacitan. Karts in Gunung Kidul district itself has an area of ​​13,000 km2 which includes 10 sub-districts in Gunung Kidul.
Because of the uniqueness, in 1993 ago, the International Union of Speleology proposed for Kars region Gunungsewu including Gua Kalisuci get into one of the world's natural heritage. Not only that, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on December 6, 2004 declared the place as Ekokarts Region.
This Karts natural location for the three centers to be proud of the natural cave tubing adventure tourism in the world found in Indonesia one in Gua Gunung Kidul Kalisuci then in the state of Mexico and New Zealand.

Kalisuci sensation upon entering the cave will be felt starting from you down to the underground river. Clear water, beautiful nature sounds will bring you getting swept up in natural beauty greatness of God.
Heavy water flow will bring the tires in which you are riding more and drifting down to the stop point. When measured by the feet, the water is just up lutit alone. So for those who can not berenangpun could feel the sensation through the Caves Kalisuci.