Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Parangkusumo Beach in Indonesia

Parangkusumo is one beach that is deemed sacred in the area Parangtritis. In Javanese culture and tradition, Parangkusumo beach is considered as the main gateway to the South Seas Kraton invisibility, an empire that controls the Queen of the South Sea South Sea (Indian Ocean). Various events to the harbor, both of Ngayogyakarta and from the public, held on the beach this Parangkusumo.

For example, such as a series of ceremonies Melasti ceremony Nyepi is celebrated by Hindu religious groups. There was also a Labuhan Kraton Parangkusumo as a warning symbol of the bond and power between the palace and the ruler of the South Seas.

Parangkusumo to Kanjeng Labuhan Ratu Kidul is an important ritual for Ngayogyakarta. Queen of the South has promised to protect Panembahan Senopati and all his descendants and the Mataram kingdom when it is in trouble. On the basis of advice from Ki Juru Mertani, Panembahan Senopati meditating in Parangkusumo, a small beach on the outskirts of the South Sea (Indian Ocean).

Usually it's a beach famous for its beautiful sand beaches, cozy atmosphere or waves that are challenging to conquer. But one of the beaches in Yogyakarta, namely Parangkusumo is also famous for its legend. Parangkusumo And Legend Ruler of the South Sea heard enough stories in local communities.

Therefore visit Parangkusumo this would be very nice if the visit a friend - a friend of a traveler overlapped with a ritual that is unique in Parangkusumo. The event was known as Labuhan or Melasti naman. Usually when the show, there are many visitors cornucopia move in Parangkusumo this.

As mentioned earlier, the legendary ruler of the sea kidul also makes this beach special. The existence of legends and the myths that developed on sea power kidul it also made the beach is crowded. The myth that has lived among the people of Yogyakarta and Java all the time. This legend tells about the figure of the Queen of the South Coast which helped power of kings of Mataram, since the time Penembahan Senopati until now.

Legend south sea power was also made Parangkusumo be sacred and is widely used as a ritual ceremony held various ancestral heritage. The ritual is more often done by Kraton Yogyakarta or by local community groups. A ritual usually held in Parang this Kusumo from tirakatan, Melasti ceremony, meditation, and Labuhan Labuhan Ageng. Therefore visitors in Parangkusumo is more in the days to a particular ritual is believed to be a good day, according to the Javanese calendar.

Besides kesakralannya, a beach located 30 km from the city center is believed to be one of the gates to the palace southern sea (Map Location Parangkusumo Click Here). Perhaps many who doubted it, but the scent of flowers setaman often found in Parangkusumo, combined with the scent of incense material burned offerings that make this beach atmosphere tends to be more mystical and unique.

Sakaral atmosphere even more prominent place called Stone Love. There are lots of flower sprinkles setaman and a series of offerings around Batu Cinta located in Puri Cepuri. This is the location Panembahan senopati met with Queen of the South to make arrangements. Panembahan Senopati time we are told that it is sitting meditating with a large rock in the north and then Queen of the South came and sat in the smaller stones that are in the south.

Mentioned that Senopati meeting with the Queen of the South has a unique series of stories and enough to affect the close relationship with Keraton Yogyakarta palace residence of Queen Bale Sokodhomas southern sea. Their meeting begins when Panembahan Senopati did penance ngeli to enhance its miracle. And when you're practicing asceticism, suddenly on the beach during a thunderstorm, trees blown uprooted from here, the sea water arrived - arrived boil hinga fish thrown to the mainland.

The strange events that make Ratu Kidul manifest themselves to the surface of the ocean, and meet Senopati. In their meeting, Panembahan Senopati expressed his desire to govern Mataram and invoking Queen of the South Seas. The Queen is in love, undertakes the request on condition Senopati and all his descendants would be the husband of the Queen of South. Senopati also agreed on the condition that the marriage did not produce a child.

The agreement also makes Sultan Palace has a close relationship with the southern ocean palace. Because it is also often implemented ceremony called dengna harbor alit on an annual basis as a form of tribute to the queen of the southern sea. One part of the procession that carried out the burial of the harbor itself cuts nails and hair and clothes of the Sultan in the area of ​​Puri Cepuri.

Yes, the legend is a complement to appeal Parangkusumo, let alone access to the beach is not too difficult. Towards Parangkusumo able to use a motor vehicle through Jalan Parangtritis. Petunjukknya is the Fort Wetan straight keselatan. If using public transportation, the route is from the Bus Terminal using the majors Yogyakarta - Parangtritis. Down only in the sub terminal parangtritis, dengna rate of about £ 15,000.

Parangkusumo still enter the area Parangtritis, because the cost of entry to the packet with Parangtritis. Of admission alone is £ 3000 per person, and for the cost of the vehicle are as follows:

  1. The entrance fee is Rp. 5.000 car
  2. Motorcycle parking costs Rp. 2,000
  3. The entrance fee is Rp. 1,000 bike
  4. Car parking costs Rp. 5,000
  5. ATV rental costs Rp. 50,000 per 15 min
  6. The rental fee chariots Rp. 20,000 per one rotation