Friday, 5 February 2016

Travel Gunung Kidul Regency in Indonesia

Gunung Kidul Regency is known as a barren and arid region because almost all the regional topography consists of limestone hills or better known as karst. When the dry season comes, the green color of plants soon changed to brown due to molt. However, behind the aridity of the karst hills of Gunung save millions of tourism potential that are rarely found elsewhere. One of them is the beautiful caves hidden in the bowels of the earth with rivers flowing in it.

Travel Yogyakarta Gunung kidul popular recently is Kalisuci nature cave with Cave tubingnya. International Union Of Speleology in 1993 after research suggested that Gunungsewu karst area including the Cave Kalisuci entered in one of the world's natural heritage. Furthermore, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono launched the region is the karst eco kawasann on December 6, 2004.

Karst Kalisuci nestled in the mountains of Gunung daearah offers cruise travel cave tubing Kalisuci Gunung Kidul to the tourists. Travelers can follow the river that are in the soil that has rapids with a low grade, so this place is suitable for novice explorers to increase flying hours. River located in an underground cave that can be traced using tires as a replacement boat.

Jeram contained in this Kalisuci was not as big as that is in the Progo and Elo so it is quite safe for novice explorers. Explorers who normally down the river can easily because the sunlit, then when you are going down this Kalisuci through the form of dark hallways. Only the torch used for the main lights. If you are a phobia with dark rooms and narrow then you should not try to do the cave tubing. By enjoying the scenery, play around and along the path above the river was as exciting as doing cave tubing. Kalisuci Karst region is the pride of Indonesia in the field of tourism because this place is a cave tubing best in the world after Mexico and New Zealand.

Karst region Kalisuci have 5 cave-connected and can be traced in a single time, namely Gua Glatikan, Holy Cave, Cave Buri Omah, Gelung Cave and Cave Brubug. Underground rivers that run through the cave dlam these caves have a width varying antyara 5 samapai 10 meters with very clear water.

Ornaments of nature and the ecosystem in the cave is a beauty to be enjoyed by the explorers of the time along the river. Plus uniqueness of this beautiful river meandering with decorative shrubs and bats hanging adds to the appeal of its own. The length of this river about 500 meters and can be reached within 2 hours.

Kalisuci Karst region has become a must-see for fans of Cavin and rafting. This room is also currently used as a tourist area of ​​education, the study of Speologi (knowledge about the cave and its surroundings), speleogenesis (the study of the origin of the formation of a cave and the morphology of the limestone region can be the object of research.

Jetis hamlet, village Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta.

Because there is no public transport serving the path to this place so travelers are advised to bring their own vehicle. From directions yogyakarta the tourists can follow the Yogyakarta - Wonosari - Semanu - Cave Kalisuci. Distance between Wonosari premises Kalisuci about 10 km.

Ticket price
To be able to Gua Kalisuci down, tourists are charged to rent a tube used as a float, special clothing and cave tubing guide services.

Facilities that support tourism in this place like a park, food stalls, toilets and restaurants. While the facilities were obtained when renting equipment vave tubin include inner tubes, life jackets (buoys), caving shoes, kneepads and lighting.