Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Buru Island Maluku Indonesia

Maybe for some people, the island is not too familiar. There are even some people also do a little shiver when you hear the word "Buru". They were shivering, certainly those who have read the book nobelis, Mr. Pramodya AnantaToer entitled "Human Earth". The book illustrates clearly about political prisoners were exiled to this place. So no one else, Buru is often remembered as the "Island of Exiles" or black jail for political prisoners (Prisoners) of the new order. However, behind all the connotations that, nobody ever realized that this island turns out a lot of potential natural resources of high economic value and potential of exotic travel and riveting.

Buru Island has been known since the Dutch colonial era because of eucalyptus oil is a commodity the local area. However, the majority of Indonesian people more familiar with this island as a "prison" terrible for political prisoners of the new order. Currently, the island that includes one of the regencies in Maluku province, known as the gold-producing areas for the illegal miners throughout Indonesia.

Behind keterisolirnya and keterannya as a "prison" new order custody, Buru storing "treasure" that another innumerable "Jikumarasa beach". It seemed a little Lebai if the beach is called Treasure. Indeed, many of the beaches on the island of Buru, but Jikumara Rasa Beach is the only beach that has "five colors" water.

Jikumarasa beach located in the village Jikumarasa, about 9-10 km from Lip Namlea. This beach was once a favorite spot of tourist communities Buru Island. Actually, most of the beaches on the island of Buru has the same characteristics, namely smooth and clean white sand. However, there are unique characteristics of Turkish Jikumarasa compared to other beaches on the island of Buru is connected to the river, so we could enjoy the beach and the charming river.

Along the shoreline jikumarasa pine tree-lined green jejer you look. Coconut palms and mangroves looks slick dipelataran Bom beach and river, the river that connects with the Jikumarasa beach. This is the unique collaboration of beach that I always longed for in the Visit. Moreover, behind the Village Jikumarasa mountains are green lined along the eye could see. So we look as though Jikumarasa beach is lined by green mountains.

That said, according to the story Bomb river formed by the results of the Japanese army bomb using aircraft. At that time the bombs to burn down the allied forces in World War Two. If this story is true, then there is a priceless historical relics and unknown even to the current generation. Distinasi distinasi travel in this area is a travel and history.

Jikumarasa beach is very crowded on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the other holidays. Visitors who come here mostly is a group of students and families were spending the weekend. All visitors to the beach is mostly a Namlea own citizens. Visitors such as foreign tourists very rarely seen. This is because until now the government has not seriously cultivate these sights and promote it to the outside.

Currently the facilities available are a cafe and lodging, while the latest amenities are banana boot ,. First game of the water is just a rubber tire to help visitors bernang and boats. And that's provided by local villagers. For a cafe and lodging facilities, these places are rarely in demand by local visitors. Because in addition to still expensive, until the present day visitors who come to this place just a jaunt from morning to evening. For the people Namlea (visitors), enjoy the beach at night is not something unusual, so most visitors never enjoy the beautiful night at Beach Jikumarasa.

If visitors feel bored playing sea water, visitors enjoy the river and the river view is captivating. Usually the river is used for rinsing water away from the sea.

Towards Access Buru Island Attractions
To get to the Buru Island Attractions, travelers or tourists can board the ferry which departs from the city of Ambon each at 17.00. With the ferry, a port in Namlea can be taken within 12 hours. When using the ferry is too long, fast boats that departed from Yos Sudarso port in Ambon city could be an alternative. With a fast boat, a long journey will be shortened to 4 hours. fast ship tariff route Ambon - Buru Island is 120 thousand for non-class room. Ships also menawrkan express class rooms for 300 thousand rupiah.

The inn has two floors named Grand Sahar Hotel in Namlea can be a place to rest or stay if they want to search in the parts of the city longer. Tariff per-night inn has the most complete facilities throughout this Namlea at peg 250 thousand per room. If the choice falls to the ground, lakes shutter can go by passing a village called Wamlana. The village is located in the district water crocodile, a district which is about 80 KM from Namlea. From the city to be the only centers in Ambon Buru Island Attractions: The journey to districts Water Crocodile takes about 1.5 hours.

The trip will still continue with the changed vehicles belonging to a company engaged in timber. The name of this company is PT. Gema Sustainable Forests. Treat a beautiful panorama can already be enjoyed from the village Wamlana. The journey continued by more than 40 km will be down a few villages and a variety of beautiful plants. If lucky, the airplane could be used as a dance presentation interesting spectacle. Welcome dance is a valuable asset for the indigenous people who inhabit the island of Buru villages in the interior.

The second route is a route that is filled with adventure and is not recommended. The journey through this route will stop in the village in the district Tifu Leksula. From Namlea, the village can be reached by speedboat for approximately 5 hours drive. Once there the trip will continue overland truck as far as 40 km to the village Waelo. From this village, lake Rana could be achieved after a walk as far as approximately 6 hours.