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Mount Bromo (from Sanskrit: Brahma, one of the Top Gods in Hinduism), is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. This mountain has an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level and located in four districts, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang. Mount Bromo is famous as a major tourist attraction in East Java. As a tourist attraction, Bromo become attractive because of its status as the volcano is still active. Mount Bromo included within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Mount Bromo shape mesh between valleys and canyons with the caldera or the ocean of sand covering approximately 10 square kilometers.

Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area of a circle with a radius of 4 km from the center of the crater Bromo.

History Mount Bromo
Legend of Bromo Tengger - Travel Bromo. supposedly the days of yore when the kingdom of Majapahit under attack from various regions natives confusion to find a place to stay until they eventually separate into 2 parts yan first headed to Mount Bromo, both towards Bali. 2 to this place until now has 2 common is equal - equally embraced Hindu religious belief. Known Tengger tribe in the region of Mount Bromo Tengger name comes from the legend of Roro Anteng also Joko Seger is believed to be the origin of the Tengger name. "Teng" Roro An-name suffix "teng" and "ger" As Joko name suffix of "ger" and Mount Bromo itself is believed to be a sacred mountain. They refer to it as Mount Brahma. Javanese later called Mount Bromo.
In a hermitage, the wife of a Brahmin / Pandhita had just given birth to a son with a very fit physique with cries very loudly when it was born, so the baby was given the name "JOKO Seger".
Somewhere around Mount Pananjakan, at that time there was a girl who was born on the incarnation of the god. Her face was beautiful too beautiful. He was the only child of the most beautiful in the area. When born, the child does not like the baby is born. He was silent, did not cry when the first breath of air. The baby was so quiet, was born without crying of the mother's womb. Then by her parents, the baby was named Rara Anteng.
From day to day body Rara Anteng grow up. Beauty lines clearly visible on his face. Rara Termasyurlah Anteng get to different places. Many prince proposed. But the proposal was denied, because Rara Anteng already captivated his heart to Joko Seger.

One day Rara Anteng groom by a plow famous and powerful magic. The rover known to be very nasty. Rara famous Anteng delicate feelings did not dare refuse just to applicants that magic. So he asked that made the ocean in the middle of the mountain. With a strange request, the applicant considers that the magic would not meet his request. Ocean requested it to be made in one night, which begins at sunset to finish when the sun rises. Committing the Anteng Rara request.
Applicants magic had started working on the sea by means of a shell (coconut shell) so that the work was nearly finished. Seeing this reality, the heart Rara Anteng getting restless. How to thwart the sea that is being done by the plow? Rara Anteng contemplating his fate, he could not live married man she did not love. Then he tried to calm himself. Suddenly arise intent to thwart the piracy work.
Rara Anteng begin pounding rice in the middle of the night. Slowly the sound of the collision and friction alu chickens wake the sleeping. Crowing of the cock began shouted, as though dawn had arrived, but residents have not yet started with the morning's activities.
Plow hear chickens crowing, but the white thread in the east had not yet appeared. Means dawn came prematurely. After that he was contemplating her bad luck. Resentment and anger mixed emotions, eventually shell (Coconut shell) is used as a tool dredge sand was thrown and fell face down on the side of Mount Bromo and turned into a mountain until now called Mount Batok.
With the failure of the plow makes the ocean in the middle of Mount Bromo, like liver citalah Rara Anteng. He continued a relationship with her boyfriend, Joko Seger. Later today, Rara Anteng and Joko Seger married couples to be happy, because they both love each other and love.
Rara pair Anteng and Jaka Seger build settlements and then reigned in the region as Purbowasesa Mangkurat Tengger Ing Tengger, meaning "Lord of the Tengger The Budiman". Tengger name is taken from the last syllable name Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger. The word also means Tenggering Tengger Budi Luhur or the introduction of high morals, a symbol of eternal peace.
From time to time Tengger people live prosperous and peaceful, but the authorities are not happy, because after a while the couple Rara Anteng and Jaka Tengger housekeeping not been blessed with offspring. Then it was decided to climb to the top of Mount Bromo to meditate with trust to the Almighty that in karuniai descent.
Suddenly there was the sound of unseen saying that meditation, they will come true, but on the condition if they have to get descent, the youngest son to be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo, Couples Roro Anteng and Jaka Seger menyanggupinya, then acquired 25 sons and daughters, but the instinct of people parents still do not lose heart when their child. In a word on the History of Mount Bromo | Bromo Tengger legend, the couple Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger broken promises, gods became angry with threatening to inflict havoc, then there was a tempest state into darkness so that the crater of Mount Bromo fire.
Kusuma youngest child flames licked out of sight and then went into the crater of Mount Bromo, concurrent loss of Kesuma magical voice came: "Dearly beloved, I have been sacrificed by our parents and Hyang Widi save you all. Live peaceful and serene, worship Hyang Widi Shah. I remind you that every month Kasada on the 14th day held offerings in the form of crops later in persambahkan to Hyang Widi up in the crater of Mount Bromo. until now this practice is followed for generations by the people of Tengger and every year a ceremony is held at Poten Kasada sea of ​​sand and crater of Mount Bromo.

Location Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo is located and situated in the four districts of East Java Province government. Ie between Kaputen Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang Kapupaten.

Because it is located and located in four districts so Bromo is very easy to access and very easy to transport to Bromo from various towns in East Java. The following lanes and routes to get to Mount Bromo.

Paths to Bromo from Probolinggo district:

1. Tongas - Lumbang - Sukapura - Ngadisari- Cemoro Lawang - Mount Bromo

2. Ketapang - Patalan - Sukapura - Ngadisari- Cemoro Lawang - Mount Bromo

Paths to Bromo from Kab. Poor:

1. Overlap - huts Klakah - Jemplang -Penanjakan - Mount Bromo

Paths to Bromo from Kab. Pasuruan:

1. Wonorejo - Warungdowo - Tosari - Wonokitri - Pananjakan - Mount Bromo

Paths to Bromo from Kab.Lumajang:

1. Senduro - Bumo - Ranu Pane - Mount Bromo