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Travel Edge Tile, One Goal Recreation in Sukabumi Enchanting

Edge tiles in Sukabumi Enchanting

wisata ujung genteng
Want to visit a tourist destination that is different? Come to the Edge tiles tourist area in Sukabumi. Edge tiles offers the beauty of South Sea beaches and waterfalls are natural and charming.
You can even see the sights debris dock Dutch heritage whose history is not known by the local people. The end tourist destination Gentengmenghadirkan homely atmosphere of local communities that the majority of fishermen. On each morning from 7 pm to 9 am, you can see the sort of kiosk on the beach the place of sale of fish and other marine products are still fresh and the variety of the catch of the fishermen returning from sea.
Marine products such as stingrays, squid cuttlefish, fish layur, and hammerhead sharks are hard to find in the city you can easily get at the fish stall Edge tiles and everything in fresh condition and the price is negotiable.
Perahu nelayan sedang menepi di pantai Ujung Genteng

Not to be confused how to bring the results of the sea, there has been a swift merchants provide cribs from stereofoam capacity 6 kg to accommodate your groceries without reducing its freshness.
There are a number of interesting places in the tourist area of Edge tiles that you should know. Broadly speaking, divided into two areas most in demand among connoisseurs of the trip, the beach and waterfall (waterfall).

Tourism Coastal Edge Tile

Edge tiles in the beaches most popular are located in District Ciracap. Although included in the South Sea coast of Java's famous wavy watery clean and large, but most of the beach at the End of tiles is not harmful as Pelabuhan Ratu tourist area that has many great choppy area.
Pesona sunset di kawasan Batu Puter Ujung Genteng
In the state of the tide, sea waves in the tourist area of tile Ujung only reached groin adults only. Meanwhile, when the low tide, it is only calf foot. Here are the beaches of interest in the End of tiles that you can visit.

1. Seven Waves Beach

Given the name Seven Waves Beach by foreign tourists, the waves on the beach is said to be able to reach seven levels therefore favored by fans of surfing.  However, access to the beach location requires extra effort to remember the perjalananya challenging and requires you to pass through the forest as well as three shallow estuaries.

Pantai Ombak Tujuh di Ujung Genteng Sukabumi
Taxis are the only means of transport that can take you to the beach Waves seven different locations and are generally expensive to fix prices to Rp 200 thousand per motorcycle.

2. Beach Cibuaya

Most enjoy the ride go to the tourist area of Edge tiles will definitely stop in Cibuaya Beach. Besides being easily reached, the beach is fairly quiet so fun to play seawater at the seashore or just relaxing to enjoy the sunset.
Bermain dan berenang di Pantai Cibuaya
around Turkish Cibuaya also easily found a number of inexpensive lodging place that you can choose.

3. Beach Pangumbahan

The beach is also popular with tourists on the Edge tiles. Not only because of the beautiful scenery with fine white sand that is charming in a radius of up to 1 km, but also because Pangumbahan Beach has waves as high as 2-3 meters which is good enough to serve as a place to surf.
Pantai Pangumbahan di Ujung Genteng
Another specialty of Pangumbahan Beach is the site of breeding green turtle (Chelonia mydas). At night, you can see the turtles lay their eggs directly on the beach Pangumbahan.  If lucky, you can watch the activities of the release of hatchlings-hatchlings (baby turtles) to the beach.
Pelepasan anak-anak Penyu di Pantai Pangumbahan Ujung Genteng