Thursday, 3 March 2016

Rancabuaya beach Garut in Indonesia

Rancabuaya beach
Rancabuaya beach is one of the attractions the beach in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. Beach that has big rocks is directly bordering the Indian Ocean that has waves big enough. What's interesting about this beach is the large rocks
were large enough, there is also a rock climbing high enough and a waterfall (Sundanese: waterfall) directly overlooking the beach. Another interesting thing is the number of small fish caught in rocks washed by the waves.

Rancabuaya beach is a type of rocky beach making it less suitable for swimming. Rancabuaya beach itself is a beach port so that you can get the fish directly from fishermen or from stalls around the coast. The ownership status of land in the coastal area Rancabuaya is equal to 70% is privately owned land and the rest is rural land. Tourism management in the area carried out by the Turkish Rancabuaya tourism movers (Kompepar) which consist of local communities. Rancabuaya beach is less promotions that are less well known. However, this beach has tourism potential is large enough that with the access road is quite smooth and seamless so easy to reach. Currently being carried out construction of new infrastructure.

Which is quite interesting in this Rancabuaya Island Temple which has a waterfall gushing directly from high cliffs. Waterfall called because directly facing toward the beach. The tourists can have fun by looking for small fish coral dibebatuan carried by the waves. Similarly many other marine species that can be found in sektar waterfall as clams, crabs, starfish that were dumped etc. The beach is at once a harbor beach, it can add to the attraction of tourists who want to buy the fish directly from local fishermen. The fish are certainly still fresh can be enjoyed with the family. With burnt at the seashore while enjoying the atmosphere of the beautiful beaches.

The management of the tourist attractions of this area is currently held by a team Kompepar (Activator Tourism) constituted by the local community members. Ownership status of land in the coastal area 70% owned by residents, then the rest of the land owned by the village. Unfortunately, the local government about promoting to various media, so a lovely place this is less known by the public. Despite that this beach has a good potential in view of the entrance to the location is quite convenient in travel by vehicle. Wide roads with smooth asphalt to be one of the main factors can be developed an attraction potential.

Access and Transport to Rancabuaya
The ride was quite a challenge to the Turkish Rancabuaya the District Caringin Garut, with roads that cut through the mountains and plantation on the hill, left right very steep ravine, making us have to be very careful. Leading to the beach town of Garut Rancabuaya can be reached with a time of 2 hours using the motor, if using two-wheeled vehicles can take 3 hours, because the road condition is not smooth.

Rancabuaya beach is probably not many people who know the beach in the south of West Java, people are more familiar with Pangandaran (Ciamis) or Pameungpeuk (Garut) as a tourist attraction sea in the south coast of West Java, which is not far from Bandung there is an exotic beach with incredible natural scenery.