Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Anyer beach Banten Indonesia

Anyer Beach

Anyer beach, a beach in Banten most visited by tourists. Whether it's local and foreign tourists. Every week the beach is endlessly visited by local tourists, especially from Jakarta and surrounding areas. Beautiful beaches with charming white sand make this beach to be one of the favorite beaches. Spot a beautiful and diverse attractions that make this beach increasingly in demand by families when the weekend comes. Anyer beach visit will surely be a vacation or trip that is interesting for you all.

Carita Anyer to district still has a lot of charm. Because not far from Jakarta, tourists can explore this coastal area in one or two days. How to get there too easy!

District of Anyer is located in Serang regency, while the District of Carita in Pandeglang. From Jakarta, Carita beach is far away because it is directly facing the Sunda Strait. But towards the second place is not at all difficult. There are a variety of transportation options and paths that can be selected.

The majority of tourists are traveling with family chose to ride a private car. If departing from Jakarta, there are two paths most commonly used namely via Cilegon or Pandeglang. Hiking Cilegon have if you want to Anyer, while Pandeglang path closer to Carita.

If you choose the path of Cilegon, tourists can exit at the toll booth West Cilegon. Then forked road, in the direction or directions Anyer Merak. Select the direction of Anyer and you will pass through a straight path to the destination. Well, if your goal to Carita Beach, Serang then exit at the toll go towards Carita.

Take public transportation to Anyer and Carita, can too! The majority traveler from Jakarta choose the bus that departs from multiple terminals such as Kampung Rambutan, Tanjung Priok, and Pulo Gadung. However, the first terminal namely Kampung Rambutan is a set off the most widely used.

Take the destination bus and get off at Terminal Merak Cilegon. Executive bus prices range from Rp 20,000, Rp 17,000 AC Economics. Tourists can also take the bus destination Merak from other cities such as Bandung and Purwakarta.

Get off at  Cilegon, then specify your destination: Anyer or Carita. If you want to Anyer, tourists can ride public transportation purple and down in Simpang. Pay around US $ 3,000 for a 10 minute ride. From Simpang, cegatlah public transportation department Anyer silver color. It might take 45 minutes-1 hour, pay around Rp 6,000.

If your goal is Carita, there are elves (minibus) which is usually hung on the back of the Great Mosque of Cilegon. Latency of about 30 minutes-1 hour depending away beach destination. It's good your first goal is Sambolo Beach. From there, tourists can walk about 10 minutes to Marbella Beach. In this area you are free to swim because the beach ramps and without coral.

In addition to private vehicles and buses across the city, from Jakarta traveler can also take the train, you know! Economic train departs from Tanah Abang station with the aim Krenceng stations in Cilegon. From the station, take public transportation to the destination Anyer silver.

That several transportation options to Anyer and Carita. Not hard is not it? The road is also relatively smooth, so do not be afraid carsick.