Sunday, 13 March 2016

Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong Beach is one of the attractions of the beach is in Kebumen, Central Java. The beach is contoured sloping, sandy quite extensive, bounded by hills clastic sedimentary rocks from the volcano. On this beach there are a lot of birds nest lawet managed by the local government as revenue.

Gray sand sized smooth-rough sourced from these rocks. The large wave hit the wall of hills produce enough energy to erode, transporting and depositing back granular rocks. A high degree of weathering in the region accelerate the abrasion process. Karangbolong coast has the potential to form a strong countercurrent, so it is a dangerous area for swimming. In coastal areas there are also Karangbolong Cave, which is located on the east side. A fairly long corridor formed on the fractured lava breccia layer. Karangbolong cave measuring 30 meters long, 10 meters wide and 5 meters high. Breccia known as Gabon's formation oligo-Miocene age, or about 30 to 15 million years ago, revealed together with inserts sandstone and clay.
Karangbolong cave formation affected by demolition that occurred along the boundary between the areas of breccia with pasri stone or clay stone. Hole demolition will be even greater because of the layers of rock that hang from the ceiling hole always collapsed under the weight. That process is also triggered by a burly-burly that is, whose presence weakens the connective power antarkomponen rocks. The process of cave formation was observed in both the east end and south Goa Karangbolong, where on a small scale occurred wrecking rocks along the boundary of different layers. Because instead of limestone caves, then in Goa Karangbolong not found ornaments. Bodies in Turkish Karangbolong very pampering guests who want fishing hobby, because of the region's fish are very abundant. In addition Karangbolong Beach, Kebumen still has attractions other beaches that Turkish father, Petanahan Beach, Coastal Leaks and suwuk Beach.

Folklore About Karang Bolong Beach
Several centuries ago tersebutlah Kartasura Sultanate. Sultanate was hit by a deep sadness for his beloved empress was seriously ill. Prince has repeatedly call the physician to treat the empress, but none that can cure the disease. So that day by day, the queen's body was emaciated as a bone terbalutkan skin. Anxiety struck the people of the empire Kartasura. The wheels of government was not running properly. "Servant suggest Tuanku looking for a quiet place to appeal to the Supreme Court in order to get the instructions to cure the empress," said advisor to the palace.
Not long ago, Prince Kartasura implement tapanya. Temptations they experienced can be passed. Until one evening magical sound. "Stop semedimu. Take the sponge in the South Coast, with a sponge that is, the queen will be healed. "Then, Prince Kartasura immediately return to the palace and asked the magical voice on advisers. "The southern coast was very spacious. However servant sure the place is magical voice it is the region Karang Bolong, there are many caves in which coral reefs grow flowers, "said the adviser to the palace with confidence.

The next day, Prince Kartasura Surti Duke commissioned to take the sponge. Duke Surti choose two people loyal companion named Sanglar and Sanglur. After a few days of walking, they finally arrived at the reef holes. Inside there is a cave. Duke Surti immediately tapanya in the cave. After several days, Duke Surti hear someone's voice. "Stop semedimu. I will grant your request, but first you have to meet my terms. "Surti Duke opened his eyes, and saw a beautiful girl like a goddess from heaven in front of him. The pretty girl named Suryawati. He is a man of Nyi Loro Kidul which controls the South Sea.
Terms of the proposed Suryawati, Duke must be willing to settle in the South Coast along Suryawati. After long thought, Duke Surti Suryawati agreed terms. Shortly after that, Suryawati stretched out his hand, invite the Duke Surti to show where sponges. When receiving a helping hand Suryawati, Duke Surti feel subtle soul who flies follow Suryawati being rough sport remains in position meditated. "That is the sponge that can cure the Empress," said Suryawati pointing at birds' nest. If processed, will be a wonderful herb usefulness. Duke Surti immediately take quite a lot of bird's nest. After that, he returned to the place meditated. Raga subtle body back into the ballpark.
After getting a sponge, Duke Surti took two attendants back to Kartasura. Prince Kartasura very excited about the success of Duke Surti. "Fast Make a potion," Prince Kartasura command on the servant. Apparently, after several days of drinking the potion of bird's nest, Empress be healthy and fresh as usual. Sultanate Kartasura be cheerful atmosphere back. In the midst of the excitement, Duke Surti remembered his promise on Suryawati. He did not want to break a promise. He excused himself on the grounds of Prince Kartasura to maintain and inhabit coral hole in which a lot of bird's nest. Duke's departure Surti sobs accompanied the servants of the palace, because Duke Surti is a good and humble.
Duke Surti took two attendants to go with it. After thinking a moment, Sanglar and Sanglur decided to go with the Duke Surti. Arriving at Karang Bolong, they made a modest house. Once completed, the Duke Surti meditated. Not long ago, it separates from the body smooth rough sport. "I went back to my promise," said Duke Surti, after seeing Suryawati in front of him. Then, Duke Surti and Suryawati their wedding ceremony. They live happily in Karang Bolong. There they get a high income from the results of bird's nest that is increasingly sought after people.