Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pink Beach Nusa Tenggara Tmur

Pink Beach
Indonesia has dozens or even hundreds of beaches with stunning natural charm. However, the beach on the island of Komodo has a flagship that is not owned elsewhere. The sand on this beach pink.

Foreign tourists this beach called Pink Beach, while local residents named as Red Beach. This represents a Red and Pink sand is pink. The color has become increasingly apparent as the waves licked the shoreline.

It is on the west island of Komodo. To get there can be two ways; trekking or boat. Most tourists come here by boat or ship to be moored not far from the beach.

The beach is in accordance with the name "Pink Beach" is the beach which is pink. Beach Pink Beach is a unique beach that has pink sand and beautiful. Beaches "Pink Beach" or pink beach located in the Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach or Red Beach is one of the 7 A pink sand beaches in the world. As for the pink beach is only found in the Pink Beach in Harbor Island, Bahamas; Bermuda; Santa Cruz Island, Philippines; Sardinia, Italy; Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Island; and in Balos Lagoon, Crete, Greece. How rich and beautiful nature of Indonesia; one in seven of the pink sand beaches can be found in this country.

Komodo National Park in addition to a beach location Pink (pink beach), also shelters giants and ancient creatures found only in Indonesia, Komodo. Komodo National Park has been crowned one of the wonders of the world.

In addition to the unique conditions and beautiful beaches, underwater life at Pink Beach also save the beauty and wealth of interest in which to dive. Underwater park Pink Beach is a palace for various kinds of fish, hundreds of types of rocks, and various other types of marine life. Therefore, snorkeling or diving is an activity that should not be missed

Until now, it is not certain from where the origin of the color pink sand of this beautiful. Some argue that the pink color comes from the red coral rubble dead and indeed are found on this beach. Another opinion says pink on Pink Sands Beach is because of their microscopic animals called foraminifera that produces bright red or pink corals.

Towards Transportation Beach
The beach is uninhabited and desolate can be reached by renting a boat or speed boat from Labuhan Bajo. Travel tour packages will usually take you to the island of Rinca and Komodo island and then to the first. From Labuan Bajo towards Pier Loh Buaya on Rinca Island takes approximately 45 minutes. On the islands you can see first hand the global dragons in their natural habitat by choosing a particular trekking paths.

From the pier Loh Liang, a dock on the island of Komodo, it takes approximately 30 minutes away by boat to set foot in pink Beach, the beach sand this unusual color. If you are interested in trekking through the cliffs and mangrove forests, it takes approximately 4 hours of walking before finally arriving at the Pink Beach.

Labuan Bajo there are also ships LOB (Live Aboard) are usually hired by divers who can also function as a place to stay for discover the charm of Flores. This ship also can be your transportation options.

To reach Labuan Bajo, there are flights from Denpasar small plane similar to the Fokker Komodo Airport for approximately 1 hour. From the airport to the port of Labuan Bajo takes approximately 10-15 minutes drive. You can rent a car to get to the port.

Beach around Pink (Pink Beach) there are no stores or stalls, therefore, for those who will visit in order to immediately bring supplies-supplies needed such as food and drink in moderation, clothes, medicines, caps, sunglasses, etc. , While diving or snorkeling equipment needs can be obtained in Labuan Bajo. We recommend that you ask your or your travel agent about this.

Due to the location of the beach is located in the Komodo National Park is expected to be careful when swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling because of the possibility of dragons roaming around the beach. If you see Komodo should you away from him because of Komodo is one of the dangerous animals. For this reason, visiting islands around Komodo Island neighborhood and area beaches-including the Pink Beach-should be escorted by park rangers (rangers) and or an experienced guide.