Friday, 15 April 2016

Jogan beach in Purwodadi

Jogan Beach

Jogan beach located in Purwodadi Subdistrict Tepus Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The location on the west coast beach Nglambor and Siung or east
timang beach or around 70 km from the city center. Jogan beach characteristics different from other beaches in Gunung Kidul. The unique characteristics of this beach is there is a waterfall that flows directly into the sea. The waterfall has a height of about 10 meters. Besides this beach has no sand beach almost as a barrier between land and sea territory. On the contrary, the beach is directly adjacent to the cliffs.

Along the driveway to the Jogan beach will look small river flowing, it was the forerunner of the waterfall Jogan. The river water comes from karst hills in Gunung Kidul. During the rainy season, the waterfall will look more beautiful because of the discharge of water that flows into the larger.

Wonosari Jogan beach. Wonosari, an area in Yogyakarta on the rise will charm the beauties of the tour. Example, who else does not know Pindul Cave? Goa is famous for cavetubing and pemadanganan the cave which was amazing. As well as anyone else who does not know the beauty of the waterfall and beach sri gethuk Indrayanti? But this time will not discuss about Goa Pindul or Waterfall Sri Gethuk or Indrayanti Beach, but the Jogan beach, beach with exotic scenery plus waterfall. so at this place apart from having a waterfall tour also has pantainnya travel.

 Being in Purwodadi, District Tepus, Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta. For here, we can travel for 2 hours (if not a traffic jam) with a distance of about 70km from the center of the city of Yogyakarta. From the center of Jogja, you can head east to Jalan Wonosari, and kept heading Directions Village Tepus and then take directions to the beach cloves, because the beach is still tetanggaan same Jogan beach cloves and Nglambor. After passing TPR (Polling Place Retribution) we continued. Right down the road there later in the guide direction toward the beach Jogan. If the problem still been pretty good way, with concrete cor2an which already can be passed motorcycles and cars.

To see keidahan waterfalls and batu2nya, so it's recommended you fall down wrote. To be able to scroll down, you're in the compulsory pass an instance of a limestone hill on the right of the waterfall. Oh yes, his heart should be, because the rock is quite slippery, especially when in contact with ujaan.

Having reached the bottom then you can enjoy the beauty of this waterfall. Waterfall where the water comes from karst hills are behind this beach. Its own waterfall also have here a uniqueness which the water directly into the sea that it is in because Jogan beach itself has no sea border. So here is different from other beaches on Mount Kidul which normally can be used for splashing or swimming. Jogan beach consists of tebin fairly high, with sharp cliffs coastal wall-rocks and coral bebataun neat indicates that the stone is very sturdy. While you can see very beautiful pandan plant just above the cliff.

These Beaches Travel to Jogan
Gunung Jogan beach located in Purwodadi or within about 70 kilometers from the city center. Your journey takes about 2 hours to arrive at the scene of this Jogan beach. You can use a private vehicle, either a car or motorcycle and down the asphalt road is fairly smooth. However, it should be because the winding streets. When you have arrived at the Post Levy Siung, it means you live 400 meter trip again for arriving at Jogan beach. You can follow the directions provided in the region.

If you want to use public transport, then you can depart from the Bus Station to take the bus majors Yogyakarta Wonosari, then changed shuttles that will take you to the village of Tepus or directions Siung.